5 Reasons To Watch The Girls at the Back

September 20, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix series The Girls at the Back and does not contain any spoilers. 

In a couple of days, the new Netflix series The Girls at the Back premieres, and it’s going to pull at the heartstrings. Five women in their thirties who have been friends since school organize a week’s holiday together every year without exception. This year, the circumstances are special because one of them has just been diagnosed with cancer.

5 Reasons to Watch The Girls at the Back 

Reason 1. Female Friendships

The series will show the importance of female friendships and how wonderful they can be. Women need other women around them to feel supported and loved. To know someone for five years feels like a long time, but to know them since high school and well into your thirties is another. There’s a sisterhood that is built and a bond that can never be broken. So to see that these five women hold onto this tradition is heartwarming because longtime friendships are hard to come by. These women all come together to celebrate life and help their best friend through a difficult time.

Reason 2. A Tearjerker

Not many people enjoy crying but sometimes we need a good cry. Knowing that one friend has been diagnosed with cancer and these women all come together to help fulfill her bucket list over this weekend can be emotional. Any viewer will at least be able to relate to one of the characters. You will be reminded of your friend group and how close you are to them as well. That’s the power of these female friendships. There are emotional stories that will make you reflect on your own life throughout the film. It may even change your perspective.

Reason 3. Bucket Lists

Some people believe that bucket lists are scary things because there is a finality to checking off a box near the end of your life. But in this case, this group of women is helping their best friend have some fun over the weekend. Sure, the news of their best friend’s diagnosis is looming but it’s a beautiful moment to seize and that’s exactly what they do. They seek adventure and hope that it’s enough to distract them for a little while before reality sets in.

Reason 4. Inspirational

Shows about something as simple as a weekend getaway with five girlfriends can sometimes be inspirational. These women will make you understand what a support system looks like and how to live life to the fullest every single day. To take the time with your loved ones and just breathe at the moment no matter the circumstance. It’s a different perspective on life that will inspire you to keep moving forward with your loved ones.

Reason 5. Rediscovering Yourself

This is the important thing to take away from this series. No matter how old you get, you should be constantly learning something new and growing. It’s important to educate yourself on new things and to do something different. Life is about living and not about going through the motions because it feels safe. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow with your friends and family, instead of growing apart. You’ll learn new things about yourself and that is exactly what this series will make you reflect on.

Will you be watching The Girls at the Back when it premieres on Netflix on September 23rd? What are you most excited about? 

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