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September 20, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series Reboot season 1, episode 4, and includes details of the release date and where to watch online. 

Hulu have just gifted us with the first three instalments of Reboot, a new original comedy series that somehow mocks and manipulates the tired sitcom formula in equal measures. In those three 30-minute episodes we are introduced to a hilarious cast of characters and get to see the filming of the Step Right Up revival firsthand. Here’s what happened in episode three of Reboot:

  • Zack is informed of his mother and Clay’s new relationship. He confronts the comedian, worried that he is using her. Zack tells a story about the last person who used her. Clay is now petrified of this woman and tries to peacefully end the hook up.
  • Reed and Bree have a sex scene together. Reed wonders if Bree is emotionally ready for this scene, but it is Reed who has feelings for Bree. He gets an erection during the first rehearsal.
  • Hannah hires three hip, new writers to balance out Gordon’s old fashioned repertoire. Gordon fights back and hires three ancient, offensive writers. The two opposing teams do nothing but argue, struggling to agree on anything.
  • Clay hires an actor to pretend to be HR. They tell Zack’s mother that the relationship cannot carry on. Clay must choose between his career and his relationship. Susan sees through the lies and tells Clay that she doesn’t want anything serious. They decide to part ways.
  • Bree cries during the next rehearsal of the sex scene and runs off set. Timberly takes her on a girl’s night out. She says that everyone wants Bree.
  • Hannah decides to quit the show again and trips as she leaves the writer’s room. Everyone laughs and this accident leads to the two teams bonding finally. They use the old and the new styles of comedy to forge something better. Hannah sits back down as they brainstorm ideas.
  • Reed calls Bree to ask if she is alright. He admits to having feelings for her, but she is now in bed with Timberly. Is this just a fling or the start of something serious?

Reboot season 1, episode 4 release date

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Hulu on Tuesday, September 27th, 2022.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Reboot season 1, episode 4 on Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • The new writer’s room will continue to blend classic and modern jokes to make something entirely different, yet they will still have their disagreements. This new team up isn’t going to go as smoothly in the future.
  • Gordon and Hannah will continue to bond and their relationship will strengthen further.
  • I don’t think Timberly and Bree will be anything long-term. Reed is going to find out about this somehow though and he will be devastated.
  • Reed’s own relationship is going to go south very quickly. The long distance partnership may not work for Nora, who might have already moved on. Will he break up with her?
  • The comedy reboot will start to grow in popularity and the actors will have to deal with fame once again.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Hulu.

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