Bad Sisters season 1, episode 7 recap – “Rest in Peace”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 23, 2022
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“Rest in Peace” is another fascinating installment from the Apple original series. Mixing tense sequences and that droll humor, Bad Sisters continues to provide addictive entertainment and an enticing mystery.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 7, “Rest in Peace,” contains spoilers.

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We all know that JP dies, but we still don’t know how he’s killed and there lies the tension in Bad Sisters. Episode six ended on a cliff-hanger of sorts as JP thrashed about, drowning in the mariner, with the Garvey sisters secretly watching this event unfold from a safe distance away. “Rest in Peace” picks up only seconds later as JP’s still body floats underwater, lifelessly still. But of course, our detestable villain isn’t dead just yet. He wakes and comes spluttering back to the surface.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 7 recap

Eva’s work colleague Gabriel is JP’s knight in shining armor, saving the brother-in-law’s life without a moment’s hesitation. The Garvey sisters watch JP return to the land of the living in stunned horror, before they clumsily make their escape. The siblings were too slow though and have been spotted by Gabriel. JP wakes in hospital, confused and highly suspicious. The doctors question him, whether he has been under a lot of stress lately or if he is depressed. JP is adamant that he is not suicidal, somebody is trying to kill him.

The sisters worry that JP or Gabriel saw them at the harbor and Ursula admits that his memory could slowly return to him. Grace phones them to confirm their suspicions, JP does indeed believe somebody is out to kill him, and Eva tries her best to defuse the situation. Grace is in a state, but the sisters have more pressing issues at hand, JP’s nasal spray containing the incriminating Rohypnol has gone missing.

In the present, Thomas and Matthew meet by their father’s grave. Thomas explains the circumstances around all the family secrecy, they didn’t want Matthew to be complicit in their crimes. Thomas alone wanted to deal with his father’s mistakes, yet Matthew has wound up being involved anyway. Thomas may be able to save the Claffin’s from infamy and prison time though, he’s got hard proof that JP suspected someone was trying to kill him and so they continue their investigation.

The Claffin brothers interrogate Gabriel next. They want to know if JP was pushed, but Gabriel can only recount his side of the story. He saw JP already in the water and then spotted Eva with her younger sister in a car. Thomas jumps on this information, asking Gabriel to elaborate. Eva wanted to see Gabriel, but then left when she saw that he was with another man. Afterwards, Thomas warns his half-brother to be wary of Becka’s involvement, she may have targeted him. Matthew reveals that he found a check for eight grand at Becka’s house and he shows Thomas the photographic evidence. Thomas cannot believe his luck.

JP is notified that his interview for the big promotion at work is only an hour away and he recklessly leaves the hospital, rushing to this meeting. Grace wants him to postpone the interview and rest, but he can’t let Eva be victorious. JP arrives just as Eva leaves her interview beaming. He tries to spoil her image further by telling Gerald more about her drinking problems, but it is unclear who the boss is going to choose. JP heads home to rest and bumps into Becka in his bedroom. In a stressful scene she just about nabs the nasal spray before JP catches her, but he sees her stuffing something in her pocket. The villain demands that she show him what it is, but Becka rushes down the stairs, desperately trying to escape before he figures things out. He tussle with her and it takes daughter Blanaid to stop him from taking matters further.

The ending

In a dastard twist, JP’s memories slowly start to return to him and he has visions of Becka pulling down his trousers. Grace is worried sick about her husband and tries to get JP to confess to his suicidal issues. Again there is a tussle, this time with Grace, and she is pushed down the steps outside their house. They rush her to hospital, where the sisters check up on a defensive Grace. As usual, Grace blames herself and downplays the event, but interestingly, Blanaid looks to be the annoyed family member for a change. Do we have a new suspect in our midst? The damaged daughter did witness her father arguing with both Becka and Grace in quick succession. Has she finally lost faith in her despicable father?

Episode seven draws to a close with Thomas acquiring that all-important post-mortem go ahead from the police and then in a final twist, Becka investigates JP’s mother’s basement. The mother talked about JP’s illustrious taxidermy collection, which explains the opening credits, and Becka couldn’t help but inspect. She finds the twisted collection and a sealed, mysterious door. Inside she finds a frozen body. Who has JP killed? The plot thickens once again.

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