When does The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6 come out?

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 23, 2022
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Preview for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6, and including release date and where to watch.

This article contains predictions for the Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6, and includes the release date/time and where to watch online.

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Episode 5 was action-packed, full of world-building, context, and an eery feeling of inevitable war. Here is a summary of what happened:

  • Nori speaks to The Stranger, teaching him words, sentences, and life.
  • A group of three mysterious characters (led by Bridie Sisson’s mysterious character from Rhun) visits the hole that The Stranger created when he fell from the sky.
  • The migrating group of hobbits is chased down by creatures in the woods. However, The Stranger comes in handy, using his powers to fend the animals off. But, using his powers, he sees dark bruising forming on his arms. He tries to rest his arms in the water, but he turns the water into ice that runs over his arms.
  • When Nori tries to stop him, she starts to freeze over too, causing panic. She tries to stop The Stranger, but he strongly pushes her to the side, forcing Nori to topple over. There seems to be a darkness that The Stranger enjoys, and Nori now fears him. While The Stranger endured this experience, he had flashes of memories of when he landed in the world from the sky.
  • Adar is made aware that the tunnel he is building with the orcs is complete.
  • Bronwyn prepares the Southlanders for an attack and shouts a rallying war cry. However, Waldreg, seduced by darkness, resists the war cry and gathers his group of Men. The Southlanders are split.
  • Isildur speaks to his father, Elendil; he’s curious as to why he’s not on the expedition to Middle-earth. He asks to be on the front line, but his father rejects him.
  • The expedition is in jeopardy. While Galadriel has been convincing, she still has a lot of work to do to get the ships sailing. When Queen Miriel tells Lord Halbrand that he will join the expedition with the Men, he is displeased, feeling that Galadriel made that decision for him.
  • Kemen tries to persuade Pharazon to stop the war — he is not happy that his father is taking orders from an elf. Pharazon is disgusted at that claim, reminding him how much Men will benefit from this expedition.
  • Elrond, sensing his mission was deeper than forging friendships, questions why he was sent to meet Prince Durin. And that’s when the truth arises; he learns from the High King that he was sent to the Dwarves to find the Ore of the Light of the Last Silmarils — the Mithril that Elrond caught Prince Durin mining in the last episode.
  • The High King realizes that the dwarves have found it and tells Elrond that the Light of Eldar is fading, and their people (the Elves) are in decline, with their immortality wasting away. The Ore, found by Prince Durin, is their last hope to help their race.
  • Galadriel trains a few men to fight. Valandil is the one man able to get near her as she shows impressive swordsmanship. Due to getting close to her with his sword, Valandil is promoted to Lieutenant from the expedition. Later on, Isildur speaks to Valandil about getting him on the expedition, but he’s again rejected by his friend, who refuses to forgive him.
  • Kemen makes a second attempt to stop the expedition. He heads on one of the ships and laces it with explosive material to sabotage the mission. However, Isildur hides on the ship to join the expedition and catches Kemen trying to bring down the ship. Both men fight, which leads to setting the ship on fire, and it explodes. Both men escape, and they are saved from the sea. For whatever reason, Ilsiduer lies to his father, claims Kemen saved him and that an accident occurred on the ship.
  • Waldreg and his are men surrounded by Adar and the orcs. Waldreg pledges his allegiance and asks Adar if he is Sauron. Adar aggressively throws Waldreg to the floor and tells him that “only blood can bind,” implying that he must kill one of his own to prove allegiance.
  • Theo shows Arondir the sword helm he has found. Arondir moves away some overgrowth and leaves in the tower to reveal a stone formation that looks like the sword and a man falling at the bottom of it (the helm). This was a purely symbolic moment. Arondir tells Bronwyn that the sword helm is part of a key used by evil to bring down Men. Despite the omen, he tells Bronwyn that they can defeat the enemy and that there will be a way.
  • Prince Durin looks smug that the fate of the entire Elven race is in his hands, bringing humor to the episode’s final moments. Prince Durin does not seem bothered by the breaking of the oath, obviously realizing that his friend has been used, and agrees to speak to his father, the Dwarf King, about mining Mithril for the Elves.
  • Halbrand decide to join the procession with Queen Miriel and the army of Men — the decision has been made; the expedition will go ahead. Isildur also joins the ranks.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6 release date/time

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6 will come out on Prime Video on Friday, September 30th, 2020, at 12 am ET.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6, on Prime Video on the date and time mentioned above.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Prime Video.

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