5 Reasons to watch Reasonable Doubt

September 25, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Hulu series Reasonable Doubt and does not contain any spoilers. 

As said by Hulu, when we watch Reasonable Doubt, we’ll “judge Jax Stewart for her questionable ethics and wild interpretations of the law…until you’re the one in trouble. Then you’ll see her for what she is: the most brilliant and fearless defense attorney in Los Angeles who bucks the justice system at every chance she gets”. Sound good? Well, below are five reasons why you should definitely check out the show!

5 Reasons to watch Reasonable Doubt

Reason 1: Weekly release schedule

Many of today’s releases are done in bulk, but there are still some platforms that release episodes every week. And that’s going to be the case with Unreasonable Doubt. So rather than find yourself having to watch the show as quickly as possible to avoid spoilers, you can pace the show out. 

Reason 2: Fills the gap left by Scandal

There’s not been a show quite like Scandal since it left the screen in 2018. However, that might just be about to change. And that’s because audiences may have instant flashbacks to Olivia Pope if Jax Stewart is as questionable as the premise makes us believe.

Reason 3: It’s a juicy soap

There aren’t that many gritty but soapy shows like How To Get Away With Murder or Revenge around more, But if this show is as juicy as it’s rumored to be, it could be the next thing we’re unable to stop watching.

Reason 4: Diverse cast

When there’s a fab cast in the show, it gives you confidence that the show is going to be just as good. Not only is the cast highly diverse, but they also have great credits between them. Cast members include Emayatzy Corinealdi, Michael Ealy, Pauletta Washington, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Eugene Byrd.

Reason 5: Standalone series

Worried that the show may go on and on until we just lose interest? Well, don’t worry, as this will be a stand-alone series. Hopefully, that means that the series will include a well-rounded and complete story at the end of the show.

What did you think about Reasonable Doubt? Can you think of any more reasons to watch it? Comment below!

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