Reboot season 1, episode 5 Preview – Release Date, Time and Where To Watch

September 27, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series Reboot season 1, episode 5, and includes the release date and where to watch online.

In Reboot season 1, episode 4, the whole cast and crew are made aware of Bree’s midnight rendezvous with new girl Timberly. Hannah ponders coming out to her father and Zack takes Elaine on a fun tour of the studios. It’s another hilarious installment that highlights the ease with which this show has settled into its stride. Here’s what happened in episode four of Reboot:

  • Bree questions her own sexuality after sleeping with Timberly as the women discuss last night.
  • Zack and Elaine have a business meeting, which quickly descends into a fun tour of the studios. Elaine lets loose a little and dresses up with Zack. They steal bikes and ride around the set. Elaine is mortified to bump into her boss, but he is happy to see her letting her hair down for a change.
  • Bree shows new confidence on set and Reed swiftly figures out that she had sex the night before. He is shocked to find out it was with Timberly though. He tells Clay, who warns him that she might just be using Bree.
  • Reed and Clay go to warn Bree and then she confronts Timberly. The reality star explains that she was only playing a character in her breakout reality TV role and is offended by these accusations.
  • Bree quizzes Reed on his bad advice. Reed was only trying to protect her, but Bree wants more independence now.
  • Hannah struggles to come out to her father about her own sexuality and keeps missing the opportune moment. She is forced to announce her coming out during a read through.
  • Bree uses this moment to tell everyone that she is sexually fluid and she tries to grab Timberly’s hand in solidarity. Timberly rejects her, realizing how old fashioned the set really is.

Reboot season 1, episode 5 release date and time

The next episode is scheduled to release on Hulu on Tuesday, 4th October 2022, at 12 am ET.

Where to watch Reboot season 1, episode 5 online

Viewers can catch Reboot season 1, episode 5, on Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • Timberly didn’t know what she’d signed up for when she joined the reboot, I think she’ll have second thoughts about working with such judgmental and old fashioned filmmakers going forwards.
  • Zack and Elaine’s cute little relationship will hopefully continue to blossom, it may be a platonic one but they will become great friends as the first season pushes onwards.
  • Reed’s long-distance relationship will break down and he will turn to Bree for comfort. These two have unfinished business it would seem.
  • The writer’s room will face further disagreements and possible walk-outs as the age gap continues to separate the creatives into two camps.

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