Blonde 2 – will there be a sequel to Blonde?

September 28, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a Blonde 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Blonde, and will contain spoilers. 

Blonde (2022) is a fictional film directed by Andrew Dominik and was released on Netflix on September 28th, 2022. The film explores the rise to fame and the epic demise of actress Marilyn Monroe, one of the biggest stars in the world. It does not explore Monroe’s journey in a way that is tasteful or respectful in any way and does more damage to her legacy than good. This fictionalized story paints Monroe in a horrible light and doesn’t address the trauma she underwent in her career. It is like a series of shorts of the worst moments of her life projected on screen without any remorse for depicting her in such a demoralizing way. Monroe was always compassionate, gracious and kind to everyone. She had such a light about her that came through in her blonde bombshell persona. Dominik could have done so much with writing Norma Jean and Monroe but he did the complete opposite of what would make this an interesting watch.

Blonde sequel potential release date

There is no potential sequel release date as of now because the film is based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates. The film clocks in at two hours and forty-five minutes with a clear ending of how Monroe had passed away.

Blonde sequel cast – who might be in it?

If there were to be a sequel then Ana de Armas would return depending on how they would twist the story. Bobby Cannavale and Adrien Brody would return as well considering they played her love interests. There is a possibility that Julianne Nicholson could return as well as she plays Monroe’s mother in the film.

Blonde sequel plot: what could Blonde 2 be about?

What the Blonde sequel could do is tell her story they proper way, as authentic as possible. She knew how to inspire people and she had this energy as Norma Jean that came through in the Monroe persona. Even though she had to put on a face for Monroe, Norma Jean was still creeping out. She had such a light about her, that a sequel to restore her image after this dark and pretentious feature would be a nice change of pace. People need to know the real Monroe and this first film by Dominik wasn’t it.

You can watch Blonde with a subscription to Netflix.

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