Bad Sisters season 1, episode 8 recap – “The Cold Truth”

September 30, 2022
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Tensions rise between the squabbling Garvey sisters as JP continues to destroy the lives of those around him. “The Cold Truth” is packed with twists and delicious irony as we close in on JP’s inevitable demise.

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Tensions rise between the squabbling Garvey sisters as JP continues to destroy the lives of those around him. “The Cold Truth” is packed with twists and delicious irony as we close in on JP’s inevitable demise.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 8, “The Cold Truth,” contains spoilers.

We all knew that JP had some skeletons in his closet, but we didn’t know just how literal that was. Bad Sisters season 1, episode 7 ended with Becka discovering a dead body in the creepy freezer room underneath JP’s mother’s house. In “The Cold Truth”, the Garvey sisters consider how best to use this discovery to their advantage and plot another killing. The flashbacks also elaborate on Becka and Eva’s rocky relationship whilst JP tries to sabotage more lives.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 8 recap

The eighth episode kick starts with a flashback to a few years earlier, where JP goes to his father to ask for money. The father is working in his eerie basement, putting the finishing touches to his latest taxidermy piece. JP’s father complains about his son not visiting them often enough and mentions his wife’s slipping memory. JP seems to have a strong dislike for his mother after she clothed him in his sister’s dresses as a child. The father says no to the loan and JP reluctantly leaves. As he exits the room, he is frightened by a taxidermy bat hanging from the ceiling, which causes the father to chuckle and he subsequently chokes on a taxidermy glass eye. JP may not have necessarily killed his dad, but never-the-less, he lets him choke to death on this glass eye instead.

After her discovery, Becka informs the other siblings of JP’s secret. His father’s dead body is locked away in that freezer room drawer. The police never investigated the murder, because they didn’t know one had taken place. The mother was riddled with dementia and the rumor was that the father had just upped and left. They contemplate how best to use this scandalous information. Bibi worries that if they get JP arrested then he’ll either get away with it somehow or Grace will defend him whatever the verdict. Becka suggests locking him in the freezer and Eva repeatedly states that they cannot mess up any future murder attempts, they need a clean kill, the next one must work.

JP gets the all-important promotion, beating Eva to the punch. He planted those seeds of doubt in his boss and managed to end victorious. Eva asks why she wasn’t chosen and the boss mumbles about her mental capacity. Eva knows outright that JP orchestrated this devilish plot and is visibly upset by the betrayal. JP rubs his promotion in Eva’s face and Gabriel confronts the detestable brother-in-law in the toilets. Gabriel admits that he should have let JP drown and then punches him in the face. JP fights back with his poisonous lies, saying that Eva told him about Gabriel’s little secret. As always, JP takes any given situation and manipulates it for the most drastic of results.

Angry with JP, Eva asks for more details about Becka’s plan and they perform a recce at the freezer room. Ursula believes it would take two to three hours to freeze a man to death and they then check that the room is sound proof. Becka explains the plan in more detail, but Eva has second thoughts. This disagreement brings up old resentment between Becka and Eva. Becka decides to go ahead with the plan even without Eva’s consent. The youngest Garvey sister clearly has something to prove and wants to show the others that she is capable.

Meanwhile, Ursula’s toyboy Ben tries to take their relationship to the next level and offers to rent a house nearby so he can make their partnership official. Ursula says she cannot see him again and explains JP’s diabolical stranglehold over her. Ben sees red and swears that he is going to kill the man. Throw another suspect onto the pile then! Ben follows JP that very night, blocks his path with his car and threatens the villain. Ben warns JP that if he shows anyone that incriminating photo then he will kill him, adding that he isn’t afraid to go to jail.

The ending

Back in the present and Thomas finally gets his way, with the inspector fast-tracking the post mortem. Matthew is messaged about this development and of course Becka intercepts the text message. She quickly informs the others that the police are looking deeper into JP’s death and have dug up his grave. The siblings are rightfully panicked and that historic tension between Eva and Becka raises its ugly head once more. Eva is furious that Becka has been dating Matthew in secret and Eva responses by getting rather personal. Fortunately, the post-mortem results are inconclusive and Thomas seems to be out of options.

The episode ends with Becka putting her plan into action in the flashback storyline. She hides out in JP’s mother’s basement and waits for JP to arrive. He is known to check-up on his father’s frozen corpse like clockwork and she instantly locks him in the room on his arrival. Intriguingly, we, the audience and Becka for that matter, don’t actually get to see JP enter the freezer room before she slams shut and locks the door. I have a sneaking suspicion that Becka has unwittingly locked the wrong person in the room and has killed an innocent bystander, possibly JP’s mother? We’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out if my prediction is true. What are your theories?

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  • October 2, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    She has killed Minna. Remember, she pierced Minna’s nose and put her own earring into the piercing? Trouble ahead for Bekka.

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