See season 3, episode 7 preview, release date, time and where to watch

September 30, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series See season 3, episode 7, and includes the release date and where to watch online.

See season 3, episode 6 takes Baba and the gang on a dangerous short cut through cannibal country, Queen Maghra tries to stamp out the witch finders and leaders Tormada and Sibeth make their final plays before the great showdown commences. It’s exciting to see the narratives slowly synching up and season three promises one hell of a finale. Here’s what happened in episode six of See:

  • Maghra and Tamacti plan their revenge on the witch finders. Unfortunately the enemy strikes first, killing all of the other council members. Maghra blames herself for not killing them when she had the chance.
  • Baba and his gang head back to Pennsa to warn Maghra. Harlan fears that time is running out and suggests a perilous short cut instead. They head through the Lowlands, where cannibals hunt them down.
  • Tormada reunites with The Bank, who supplies him with further troops for his war.
  • At a car graveyard, Baba’s people are attacked by primitive men. The cannibals take Harlan and Haniwa for their next meal. They see that poor Guntar has already been decapitated.
  • Tormada’s men are ambushed by Sibeth and her new army. She wants the bombs for her own end. Tormada and Sibeth find they have lots in common though and decide to work together as allies. Sibeth kills Lucien and proposes Tormada be her new king. He accepts, offering to reclaim Pennsa for her and ends by stating that he will then conquer the globe.
  • Baba and Ranger struggle to track the cannibals. They use Wren as bait instead and Baba follows one particular savage back to their base. Harlan and Haniwa manage to free themselves and are reunited with the others. Unfortunately Harlan has been badly injured and is bleeding out.
  • Maghra finds one of the witch finders’ hide outs and defeats Shiloh and her team. Shiloh informs Maghra that Sibeth is their new queen.
  • Kofun rides back to Pennsa to warn Maghra, but he is captured.
  • Sibeth and Tormada prepare for battle with catapults at the ready to launch their bombs into the city from a safe distance away.

See season 3, episode 7 release date

See season 3, episode 7 will release on Friday 7th October at approximately 12 am (PT).

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch See season 3, episode 7, on Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • Tormada and Sibeth will wage war upon Pennsa, destroying their defenses with ease. The bombs will cause lots of havoc, but they won’t completely defeat the enemy. Baba’s gang and Maghra’s army will unite to fight back against Tormada and Sibeth’s own army. There will be room for some hand-to-hand combat even with such great weapons on display.
  • I’d like to think that Harlan will survive this stabbing or at least die in a more fittingly epic way than this one. Hopefully, he will be saved and fight alongside the others in battle. Or maybe he’ll be attacked by the cannibals and heroically slay many of them before taking a final, fatal blow.
  • I’m intrigued to see who has taken Kofun hostage. My money would be on Sibeth. She may still have a soft spot for him and want to shield him from the deadly war that is about to begin.

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