The Greatest Beer Run Ever 2 – will there be a sequel?

October 1, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a The Greatest Beer Run Ever 2, a sequel to the Apple TV Plus film The Greatest Beer Run, and will contain spoilers. 

The Greatest Beer Run Ever premiered at TIFF in September, and it is now streaming on Apple TV Plus. The story takes place in 1967, when John “Chickie” Donohue (Zac Efron) leaves New York to track down his army buddies in Vietnam and share a few beers with them, but instead is confronted with the horrors of the war. Even though it is considered a war drama, it’s the comradery between friends that carry this film. Director Peter Farrelly goes through the motions of a war drama while making the script light and fun. It’s more so discussing the horrors of war than actually making it believable to audiences. The film is adapted from the memoir written by Donahue and it’s just his perception of the war. What seemed like a different angle to set the film turns into a superficial take on the war itself.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever sequel potential release date

This film won’t be getting a sequel, and it’s because the memoir is complete and is a contained story. Even though Apple TV plus also gave this a theatrical release hoping for it to be an awards contender, it doesn’t look like it’s getting enough buzz. There is no potential release date for a sequel.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever sequel cast – who might be in it?

Since Zac Efron plays the lead, he would most likely return to the role. Out of everyone in the cast, it would just be him returning because it’s Donahue’s life story and they could continue from there.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever sequel plot – what could The Greatest Beer Run Ever 2 be about?

They could show what happens long after the war and how it affected him. Donahue only really touches pon the good moments when he was there with his friends and how he was thrown into everything. It would make sense to show the aftermath of it all and how he is currently living to make this sequel a bit more grounded.

You can watch this film with a subscription to Apple TV Plus.

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