The Midnight Club – Who are the Cast and Characters?

October 2, 2022
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Who are the Cast and Characters in The Midnight Club? In anticipation of Mike Flanagan’s series The Midnight Club, which will be out on October 7, 2022, we break down the cast and characters. This article contains no spoilers.

Mike Flanagan’s teen horror series The Midnight Club revolves around a group of eight terminally ill teens who meet in their hospice library during the witching hour every night to share scary stories with one another. These likable teens, all with their own distinct quirks, are played by a youthful cast of newbies and rising stars that you will soon come to love. Fans of Mike Flanagan’s work will know that he loves to collaborate with the same actors on multiple projects, and you will be pleased to hear that there are a few of his seasoned regulars rounding out this impressive ensemble. Here’s a guide to the characters and cast members in The Midnight Club:

Who are the Cast and Characters for The Midnight Club?

Iman Benson plays Ilonka

No stranger to the TV industry, Iman Benson has been starring in TV shows since her mid-teens. She plays the central character of Ilonka in The Midnight Club, a star student who is devastated to find out that she has terminal cancer. This plucky teen is a determined and logical thinker though and she enrolls at Brightcliffe, where she hopes to uncover the building’s many secrets that may be able to save her life.

Igby Rigney plays Kevin

The first of Flanagan’s many collaborators, Igby Rigney starred in the director’s horror miniseries Midnight Mass playing Warren Flynn. Here he stars as Kevin, one of the eight central patients at Brightcliffe. Kevin is a grounded, friendly face who puts other people’s needs before his own. He takes an instant liking to Ilonka, and the two find themselves involved in many of the hospice’s strange, unfolding events.

Ruth Codd plays Anya

Making her acting debut, Ruth Codd plays the fiery, rebellious Anya. She is the wheelchair-bound patient you may have seen in promotional material. Anya is Ilonka’s firecracker roommate, who puts on a stern, sarcastic act on the outside, but is actually just as terrified as the others on the inside. She can be hard to get along with, yet she is extremely loyal when you get to know her.

Chris Sumpter plays Spencer

Chris Sumpter is another rising star with only a few credits to his name. Spencer will be his biggest role yet. He plays a bitter and, at times, rather defensive patient who is seen as the unofficial leader within the group. Even though he has had a torrid past, he can still be the life and soul of the party.

Aya Furukawa plays Natsuki

Aya Furukawa is credited with small roles in The Terror and The Baby-Sitters Club, here she plays the role of Natsuki. This patient at Brightclife is a creative and thoughtful individual who has struggled with mental health most of her life. She may be a quiet member of the group, but she comes to life when she tells one of her many frightening ghost stories.

Annarah Cymone plays Sandra

Another Midnight Mass alumni, Annarah Cymone, plays Sandra, a highly religious individual who uses her faith to help her get through all the tough times she must endure. Sandra’s religion sometimes causes friction in the group, and she can be a little bit of an outcast on odd occasions. Overall, Sandra is a radiantly positive person who is just as loved as the other members.

Sauriyan Sapkota plays Amesh

This will be a breakout role for Sauriyan Sapkota, another cast member in their debut performance. He plays the video game nerd Amesh. Amesh is the comic relief within the group, a sarcastic yet likable teen coming to terms with a horrid situation. He loves comic books, sci-fi movies, and of course, playing video games non-stop, but he also enjoys a good scary story like the rest of them.

Adia plays Cheri

Another actor performing in their very first acting credit. Adia plays the role of Cheri, one of the major outcasts within the group. She is a compulsive liar, who can’t help but fabricate everything that she says. These tall tales only alienate her further from the others as they grow tired of her over-exaggerations.

Zach Gilford plays Mark

One of the bigger names in the cast, Zach Gilford, is famous for his role in Friday Night Lights, but the actor made a comeback by starring in Flanagan’s Midnight Mass in 2021. Like a lot of the cast members, this frequent collaborator has also landed a role in Flanagan’s follow-up series, The Fall of the House of Usher. Gilford plays nursing practitioner Mark, who is an understanding and well-liked staff member at Brightcliffe.

Heather Langenkamp plays Dr. Georgina Stanton

Horror royalty herself Heather Langenkamp played Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Street all the way back in 1984. Here she stars as Dr. Stanton, the founder of Brightcliffe. She is a trusted and compassionate doctor who tries her best to create a safe and friendly atmosphere at the hospice.

Samantha Sloyan plays Shasta

You may remember Samantha Sloyan from her psychotic performance as the deeply religious Bev Keane in Midnight Mass. She is also known for starring in The Haunting of Hill House and Grey’s Anatomy. Here, Sloyan plays Shasta, a neighbor of Brightcliffe’s, who runs her own business on the adjacent grounds. She is a mysterious character that always seems to show up at the right time.

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