Little Women season 1, episode 10 recap – a superbly acted chapter

October 3, 2022
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A superbly acted chapter that, with plenty of twists, builds both tension and excitement for next week’s finale.

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A superbly acted chapter that, with plenty of twists, builds both tension and excitement for next week’s finale.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Little Women (2022) season 1, episode 10 contains spoilers.

If Little Women season 1, episode 9 was an appetiser, then this was a main course and a dessert. Breathtaking throughout, the numerous twists (most of which were completely shocking) helped build a chapter that, thanks to the fantastic acting displays, will undoubtedly be a series highlight.

Little Women season 1, episode 10 recap

After Sang-woo asks Su-im for a billion dollar bank transfer, as well as $3000 in cash ahead of his exit to Panama, Jae-sang manages to wrestle his brother-in-law to the ground. Claiming the gun for himself, the attorney taunts the General’s son, though he doesn’t quite have the last laugh. Instead, Sang-woo finds himself pleased that he got Jae-sang to fire blanks, wanting to see the prospective mayor’s murderous face he alleges are his true colours. However, this ultimately pushes the attorney over the edge, so he beats down his in-law, exerting all of the built-up rage over hearing himself called things like “thief” until Sang-woo is brutally murdered.

Later on, Sang-a comforts Jae-sang over his savage acts, claiming it was all a part of their plan, before sending her husband to sleep. Meanwhile, In-joo (played by Kim Go-eun) meets Hyo-rin and hears that In-hye has been locked up, but the youngster’s friend has no idea of where this is taking place.

Continuing, a “troubled” Sang-a wakes In-hye up, wondering if the budding artist is prepared to die. She is, a stance the rich manipulator is somewhat taken aback by, so Sang-a decides to move on to explain the hell she went through when her mother lived in this small room for 2922 days. Here, it’s revealed that the reason for the confinement was because Sang-a’s mum was willing to expose Gi-seon’s murders in church, and it becomes clear that the present day rich heir is still bitter over this, believing she still should have had her other parent, regardless of any deaths.

As Sang-a continues, bemoaning her brother for failing to understand that life was better with their mother alive, while stating that all he had to do was “apologise and beg for his life,” a barrier almost breaks. When In-hye questions if something has happened, presumably confused that she’s been suddenly asked to paint an old photo, her captor pauses, then explains that “nothing in particular” occurred, because it’s been happening “for the past thousands of days.”

Next, Hee-jae tells In-kyung (played by Nam Ji-hyun) that Sang-woo ran away, understanding that the now dead man would’ve been afraid at his part to play in this shocking scandal. He does note that the General’s son would’ve been too weary to shoot a gun, before adding that wars are fought using these weapons, so his journalist ally cannot succeed through using the news. A scene a few minutes later highlights that In-kyung remains determined in her quest to take down her target through reporting, however.

Fortunately, In-joo and co. manage to burst into the closed room to save In-hye, though the outcast soon finds herself shaken. Noticing the similarities between this confined place and Hwa-young’s apartment, photos are carefully taken as everyone takes their leave. Elsewhere, Jae-sang skims over his success in the polls to watch footage of Sang-woo’s hospital escape, which makes him correctly theorise that Do-il must be seeing Hee-jae. As such, the prospective mayor of Seoul orders for the money launderer’s mother to be released on parole, then put into hospital for her stomach cancer, clearly with an ulterior motive in mind.

With Sang-a hysterical over her daughter’s absence, she meets a waiting In-joo, who brings her up to speed on what has happened. It turns out Hyo-rin has fled to Japan alongside In-hye, leaving behind a letter expressing her desire to be free from the sadness she feels when around her mother. “Nevertheless, I still love you,” the departing young artist says, despite explaining her wish to be left unlooked for. Still, Sang-a finds a way to be smug amidst all of this, fixating on In-hye’s lack of communication with her oldest sister.

When In-joo suggests that she and Sang-a let the two girls “live freely” for a bit, the reply is that Hyo-rin can’t “just sleep anywhere,” so will be back in a year at the latest. The alternative is that someone will be sent to watch over the young duo in private, a statement that causes In-joo to switch gears onto how her sister’s friend will live a good life due to her kindness. With that in mind, Sang-a suggests a truce.

Nevertheless, an air of cynicalness remains. Sang-a advises In-joo not to trust the “con man” Do-il, stating that the outcast should simply just go abroad with In-kyung to protect her money, cutting off her allegiance to the money laundering expert. As such, In-joo heads right out to gauge whether this would be a popular idea, only to be told that her journalist sibling would much rather pursue justice in Korea. To end the scene, the mood abruptly changes, and we see In-kyung suddenly burst into tears over something she has seen.

After Do-il Do-il (played by Wi Ha-joon) draws a firm line between himself and his father, refusing to inherit Hee-jae’s truck upon potential death, the supposed con man receives word that his mother is in Wonryeong Medical Centre on the grounds of attempted suicide. When he heads to the hospital, Jae-sang arrives, bluntly stating that it’s his former employee’s fault So-yeong worriedly bit her tongue so hard she almost died.

Next, Jae-sang reminds Do-il of their history together, which includes the wish made by the money launderer to live with his mother later in life, and get revenge on his father, when his orchid was placed on the ‘Father Tree’. Elaborating by explaining that So-yeong became a murderer so her son could join Jeongran Society once her husband ignored the “order to kill,” the attorney begins to get under his old ally’s skin. This continues for a short while, culminating in a request that Jae-sang cuts to the chase. The prospective mayor obliges, giving Do-il a chance to hand over Hee-jae in exchange for So-yeong, something that looks to be agreed upon as long as the con man gets his money, and is left in peace. As an aside, Do-il states he will not be taking In-joo with him going forward, but we see this could well be a lie, given he has already talked with his partner about moving the money to a safe place (into assets) now Sang-a is tracing the paper company the cash is currently sitting in.

In another twist, it looks as though Do-il is being wiretapped, given the whole situation with In-joo is instantly fed back to Su-im, who now believes the power of attorney on the 70 billion won has changed. Elsewhere, Hee-jae’s sniper rifle plan is scuppered while the war vet is lured into a quiet location under the pretence of an arms sale with Lee Yong-gwi. Do-il, meanwhile, is on a plane alongside his mother, seemingly ready to permanently leave his old life behind.

When Hee-jae arrives at Yong-gwi’s place, his vehicle blows up, leaving the war vet on fire to the point of necessary hospitalisation. Concurrently, a smug Jae-sang tells his wife that he has succeeded, only for his bubble burst when he notices In-kyung’s name on the HTN News broadcast he is set to partake in. As such, the mayoral candidate marches into the gallery with intent to cause a scene, but finds himself shocked further.

As it turns out, So-yeong is In-kyung’s guest on the news, where the journalist is absolving the prisoner of the blame she has been burdened with for 24 years. With new evidence that shows Park Il-bok was the murderer of the committee chairman, Jae-sang walks off, not watching So-yeong’s written proclamation that she was used. Elsewhere, Hee-jae is collected from the hospital by his son.

After In-kyung confidently states that she will soon begin revealing more truths about Il-bok’s murders, Do-il tells In-joo about her unknowing helpfulness in allowing for the hammer to be tested for DNA, Jae-sang to be tricked, the news to be reported by In-kyung, a retrial to be filed for, and for enabling the Vietnam War Survivors to help stage Hee-jae’s injuries.

At the broadcast station, Su-im says that the decision to air In-kyung’s interview could put an end to the company, alleging that reporting fake news during an election is a “serious crime.” Nevertheless, the controversial reporter is on hand to directly confront Jae-sang, claiming he knows everything is true, embracing potential legal action. That, and In-kyung is happy to share she will soon expose the prospective mayor’s own wrongdoings, unmoved by threats that she will be on the news as a “mentally ill criminal.”

Unfortunately, Jae-sang manages to get the upper hand. With Hee-jae arrested for possession of an illegal firearm, In-kyung’s potential collusion with the war veteran is brought up, stunting her hot streak definitively. That, and the prospective mayor has managed to gain more support amidst the controversy, while the So-yeong retrial is going in the attorney’s favour for now.

During his big speech, things go sour for Jae-sang, though. First, a video plays (thanks to Do-il) showing him attempting to fire a gun at Sang-woo. Then, the footage of the mayoral candidate murdering his brother-in-law emerges, leaving the audience dumbfounded, unable to trust the man they loved just a short while earlier. As fireworks then erupt, Jae-sang leaves the stage. Meanwhile, In-kyung, with the support of Jong-ho, takes the incriminating video to the news, as well as allegations that her adversary planned the Bobae Savings Bank collapse to avoid paying back illegal loans, causing suicides in the process.

Surprisingly, Jae-sang is still in the lead when it comes to public popularity, in part thanks to his campaign’s relentless insistence that the video of the attorney’s murdering of Sang-woo was a deepfake. Yet when the prospective mayor is later announced to be an overwhelming favourite in the exit polls, Sang-a is silent in her reaction, somewhat unable to muster any sort of response to her husband.

Invited back to the HTN news studio, In-kyung is asked to share her opinions on the exit polls. However, she is unable to do so, as footage soon comes in showing Jae-sang committing suicide at an abandoned building, which shifts attention onto whether the reporter’s video sharing had anything to do with the fatalistic act. As expected, In-kyung is too stunned to respond.

The ending

After leaving Jae-sang’s body with an orchid in his hand, Sang-a calls In-joo. Frustrated that the outcast didn’t follow her advice, the new widow says her former employee had better look to forward to what’s to come, and that she will not just sit back. Hastily, a panicked In-joo goes to contact Do-il, but ends up watching as her coveted money is drained from her account, unable to get a hold of the con man she partnered with. Then, with people barging into In-joo’s house, the episode ends.

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