The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 6 release date, time and where to watch

October 5, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 6, and includes the release date, time and where to watch.

In The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 5 June and Luke head towards no man’s land to find fresh information on their daughter Hannah, whilst Serena makes herself at home, practically imprisoned on Commander Wheeler’s mansion property after the Information Center debacle. It’s another strong instalment as Luke and June rebuild their old bonds and Serena realizes the irony of her new situation. Here’s what happened in episode five of The Handmaid’s Tale:

  • June is told to meet at the border to speak with a Guardian about the wife school Hannah will be attending. When they arrive it is revealed that Gilead are strengthening their borders and the meeting has been cancelled. Luke wants to go into no man’s land to conduct the meeting anyway.
  • Luke and June head into no man’s land kitted out with supplies and a map. They meet the Guardian, who takes them to his hidden base inside a bowling alley. He is a friendly, young man, who only has foggy memories of his life before Gilead.
  • The Guardian tells them the little he knows and passes them a memory stick containing further information. They are advised to wait until night fall and hang out in the meantime. June is suspicious, but allows Luke to relax and socialize.
  • Serena awakens in her new home. Mrs Wheeler introduces her to the other Commander’s wives, who all adore Serena and her miracle baby.
  • Serena speaks with Commander Lawrence and Warren Putnam. She proposes a fertility center after the initial backlash and they accept her idea.
  • Serena realizes that she is imprisoned and later speaks with Commander Wheeler, who near enough confirms this. He tells her to rest up and informs her that she will not be leading the fertility center plans.
  • Luke and June head home that night, but find themselves in a tricky situation along the way.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 6 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to release on Hulu on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022. The release time is 12am ET. Episode 6 is titled “Together” and will have a run time of 52 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 6, on Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • Serena isn’t going to take this imprisonment without a fight, I assume that she will start to formulate a plan to get herself out of this new jail or to at least give her something to be doing whilst awaiting her pregnancy to be over.
  • The fertility center will move ahead at a rapid pace without Serena’s input. The Canadians won’t be fooled by this front though and may start to protest outside the new building anyway.
  • It’s been quiet on the Handmaids front. Hopefully in the next instalment we can welcome back Lydia, Janine and Esther.
  • Can June and Luke get out of their latest sticky situation?

You can watch this series with a subscription to Hulu.

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