Central Park season 3, episode 7 recap – “Slumber-Dog-Molly-An-Aire”

October 7, 2022
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Paige and Molly’s mother/daughter relationship is tested in one of the more charming episodes of the season.

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Paige and Molly’s mother/daughter relationship is tested in one of the more charming episodes of the season.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 7 recap “Slumber-Dog-Molly-An-Aire,” contains spoilers.

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On last week’s episode of Central Park, we had our first battle this season between The Tillman family and Bitsy. While the battle ended, pointing fingers at one another, the crew came together to solve a perfect whodunnit. We should be in for another fun ride this week. Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 7 recap

The episode begins with Molly getting advice from her Mom about gossip from school. Then, Birdie informs us that Molly tells Paige EVERYTHING that happens at her school. Molly is having a slumber party but is worried because two of her friends coming over are having a bit of a fight right now. Molly tells her Mom that she doesn’t want any little kids’ stuff at the slumber party, only big kid stuff.

Now we are at breakfast, where Paige promises Molly that the boys will stay out of the party. However, Cole says he could lend a helping hand in prepping for the party. While she is skeptical Molly reluctantly agrees to his help. Paige and Owen are finally excited because they can relax and watch a movie they’ve been trying to watch for a while called “The Return Policy.” Look that doesn’t sound like a real movie, but I would watch it.

Bitsy wakes up from having a MASSIVE nightmare that scared her. She wants room service to bring her a special drink of tea and three shots of tequila. We see Abby enter the room to give her the glass, and as she leaves, Abby tells her that maybe she should move the bed, which could help with the dreams. Bitsy forces Helen and Abby to move the bed instead of bringing anyone in. Bitsy is hands down the best part of this show every week.

Molly’s friends arrive at the slumber party, where Cole greets the guest with an appetizer. When Paige enters the room, she breaks down all the gossip from school in front of the kids causing them to question Molly if she tells her Mom everything that is happening at school. Molly defers and says only the basics, but the kids make her realize it might not be right. Cole and Enrique (Cole’s best friend) had prepared the perfect room for her friends.

However, Molly’s friends inform her that they plan to meet with some boys at the park tonight. It makes Molly sad because she thought they were there for the slumber party, but they convince her they need to do big kid things and sneak out and go to the park. Cole busted her as she was sneaking out, and Molly told him not to tell anyone what they were doing. Instead, she talks Cole into making noises so their Mom doesn’t realize they are gone.

Bad news, Owen passes out on the couch while watching the movie, which frees Paige up to be noisy about what the girls are up to. Back in the bedroom, Cole and Enrique break into song and alter their voices to sound like the girls to keep Paige out of the room. At the park, the girls go over what they intend to do, including how they will kiss the boys. Molly is freaking out because they run into a road-closed sign, and she knows if they make it across, they won’t make it back by 11 o’clock.

Back at the Bitsy household, Abby and Helen could finally move the bed, but they settled it under a vent where cold air was shooting down on her, and she told them to move the bed again. However, after trying to push it again, the bed broke, and Abby was unhappy.

Paige darts upstairs to check in on the kids, and Cole answers the door, where he attempts to cover up that they are gone. However, Cole isn’t good at lying to his Mom, and he blurts out that the kids are heading to the park to kiss boys. Paige darts out of the room and heads to find Molly and her friends. As she is driving, she begins to question everything and wonder what else Molly has lied to her about.

The ending

As Paige attempts to cross the bridge, she gets stuck on the bridge, causing her to try to call Owen, who is passed out on the couch. Next, she calls Molly, who answers the phone and tells the truth, but Molly finds out that her Mom is stuck on the bridge. The boys that Molly and her friends were supposed to meet ended up helping Paige up from being stuck.

Finally, the bed is FIXED! But we find out the man who fixed her bed was the guy scarring her in Bitsy’s dreams. So after he fixes the bed, Helen fires him for what he did to Bitsy in her dreams. BAHAHAHA I swear this duo is the only reason this show has been good this year. I hate we don’t see more of the duo in each episode.

We finally see Paige confront Molly and her friends in the park with the boys they were supposed to meet. Unfortunately, the car is in the mud, and they all work together to get the car out of the mud. When they get home, Molly has difficulty getting to sleep because she feels terrible for sneaking out of the house. Yes, you guessed it, this leads to a song between the two trying to repair the lost trust—a cute little moment between the two to end the episode.

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