High School season 1, episode 5 release date, time and where to watch

October 14, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Amazon Freevee series High School season 1, episode 5, and includes the release date and where to watch online.

We have four episodes of High School debut, and a lot went down! From learning who Sara and Tegan were to watching them adjust to their new school and their newfound complicated relationship. Here is everything that went down in season 1, episodes 1-4.

  • Tegan (played by Railey Gilliland) punches Sara (played by Seazynn Gilliland) after a confrontation over her blaring her music in her bedroom.
  • While Tegan struggles at school, she finds a friend Maya who begins to help her, including the kid bullying her.
  • Tegan and Sara’s relationship has gone downhill ever since Sara started dating Phoebe.
  • Things aren’t rosy for Sara at school with her struggle to adapt to this new atmosphere and people. However, she meets Natalie, an outgoing, outspoken person who she becomes quite impressed with after challenging the theater director.
  • At the end of episode one, Sara and Tegan finally see eye to eye and rent a movie, but when they get home, Phoebe is waiting for Sara, which leads to her ditching Tegan again.
  • Episode 2 kicks off with Phoebe and Sara making out until Sara’s mom interrupts to let them know Phoebe’s dad has arrived.
  • Sara and Tegan ask their mom to go to the party that Maya invited them to. She lays down some ground rules to ensure they aren’t getting into anything they aren’t supposed to.
  • Natalie talks Sara into doing some drugs, which leads to a bit of bickering between Sara and Tegan. However, moments later, Sara apologizes for ditching Tegan for Phoebe.
  • We get our first look into the life of Simone (the kid’s parents), who is struggling with many factors in her life. One of her patients called the Crisis line, and she helped reassure her that everything would be okay.
  • As Kyle and Simone debate on plans for tonight, Kyle later comes up with a little romantic dinner for the two that sets the mood perfectly for what they both need.
  • However, amid the pair getting romantic, Simone’s co-worker called to break the bad news that her patient had locked herself into her room and set fire, killing herself.
  • Episode 3 began with the sisters discovering Green Day was coming into town and dying to get tickets to the concert.
  • After a little convincing, Simone tells the sisters they can skip school and go to buy the tickets.
  • Although Maya has been dropping severe hints at liking Tegan, they keep going over her head.
  • Natalie and Sara are high at school and off to see Phoebe at work because Natalie has never met her. Tegan freaks out and bails on plans with Maya to make sure she doesn’t get hurt.
  • We get both sides of how things went down at the restaurant, with Natalie and Sara having a great time and with Phoebe being upset she was high.
  • Despite her excitement, Sara bails at the concert after discovering that she isn’t allowed to come over anymore after Phoebe’s mom walks in on them sleeping together. Phoebe also says she wants to go back to being friends, breaking her heart.
  • We meet David, Tegan and Sara’s dad.
  • As the weeks pass, Sara is slowly becoming more depressed since Phoebe broke up with her.
  • Natalie and Ally talk the sisters into going to a rave which Tegan isn’t thrilled about but doing anything to help her sister.
  • Natalie butters up Simone in front of the sisters leading to Sara asking if they can stay at her house.
  • The rave was a blast for the sisters as they had a great time. However, once they get to Natalies, they realize that their mom is waiting for them at the house.
  • Simone tells them she is taking them to their dads on the car ride. While upset, Sara talks back, leading to Simone making them walk the rest of the way.
  • The sisters show up at their dad’s.

High School season 1, episode 5 release date/time

Episode 5 is scheduled to release on Amazon Freevee on October 21, 2022. Episode 5 is titled “Freedom” and will have a run time of 25 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch High School season 1, episode 5, on Amazon Freevee on the date mentioned above.


  • After all the lying, the sisters attempt to repair their relationship with their mother.
  • Ally and Sara’s battle continues
  • Maya and Tegan finally kiss.

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