Best Kim Hye-soo K-Dramas to watch right now

October 16, 2022
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This article discusses Best Kim Hye-soo K-Dramas to watch and does not contain any spoilers. Check out these brilliant recommendations.

With a career spanning nearly four decades, Kim Hye-soo is one venerable Korean A-lister. The actress’s first role was in the movie Ggambo in 1986 when she was only a high school student. Since then, she’s appeared in many films, K-Dramas, and TV shows. In this article, we list the Best K-Dramas starring Kim Hye-soo by using scores left by viewers on MyDramaList to determine the best series she appeared in. 

Best Kim Hye-soo K-Dramas

Soon Shim (1988)

Soon Shim is one of the first series in which Kim Hye-soo starred. The series holds a rating of 10.0, and it ran for 52 episodes. 

Here He Comes (1994)

In the 1994 series, Here He Comes, Kim Hye-soo appears in the starring part of Choi In Young. Also known as Goblin Is Coming, the series earned a high score of 10.0. 

Rosy Life (1991)

Kim Hye-soo played the role of Chae Jung Seo in Rosy Life. The series premiered in 1991, ran for 16 episodes, and received a rating of 9.0.

Signal (2016)

Kim Hye-soo was cast in the main role of Cha Soo Hyun in Signal, a 2016 K-Drama that holds a high score of 9.0. The series ran for 16 episodes. 

Official Synopsis: Fifteen years ago, a young girl was kidnapped on the way from school, and Park Hae Yeong, who was an elementary school student at that time, witnessed the crime. A few days later, the girl was found dead, and the police were not able to find the culprit. As time went by, Hae Yeong started distrusting the police. 

Fifteen years later, Hae Yeong is now a police officer and criminal profiler. One day, he finds a walkie-talkie that allows him to get in contact with Detective Lee Jae Han who is in the past. Police officers Hae Yeong, Jae Han, and Cha So Hyun then set out on a journey to solve cold cases.

Juvenile Justice (2022)

Juvenile Justice premiered in February 2022 and it stars Kim Hye-soo. The series holds a score of 8.67. 

Official Synopsis: Sim Eun Seok is an elite judge with a prickly personality who hates juvenile offenders. After she gets assigned to a local juvenile court, she tries to balance her aversion to minor offenders with firm beliefs in justice and punishment, as she goes out of her way to break customs and administer her own ways of punishing the offenders.

Han River Ballad (2009)

Kim Hye-soo stars in the role of Yoon Ga Young in Han River Ballad, a highly-rated K-Drama with a score of 8.6. 

Official Synopsis: MBC TV’s weekend drama, “Song of the Han River” is a story of life and love involving a vibrant middle-aged woman, her two daughters, a niece, a nephew, and a cast of other characters surrounding them. The woman, named Kim Yeong Hui, is a widow who sells fish to support her family. Through their often turbulent lives, we can experience the difficulties of a not-uncommon family and the persistence of the love its members have for one another. “Song of the Han River” is a warm but enervating story of ordinary people dealing with the normal difficulties of life.

To bring about a sort of renaissance in MBC’s weekend drama offerings, “Song of the Han River” ambitiously reunited the team of Kim Jeong Su and Choi Jong Su from the popular MBC drama “You and I” for the first time in 6 years. Planning and preparations for this new presentation were undertaken from May 2004, and the target audience ranged from those in their early 30s to those in their 50s.

Hyena (2020)

Kim Hye-soo stars in Hyena, a 2020 series that ran for 16 episodes and received a rating of 8.3. 

Official Synopsis: ‘Hyena’ deals with very competitive, private lawyers who only work for the richest 1% of society. Lawyer Jung Geum Ja crosses the boundaries of law and lawlessness, justice and injustice, and ethics and corruption. She is a true hyena that chases after success and money no matter what it takes. Armed with the strongest survival instincts, she endures through it all. Yoon Hee Jae is a successful, elite lawyer. Confident in his abilities, he possesses a brilliant mind that is wrapped around his ego. Using his skills to support the highest in the land, he’s an expert at maneuvering the law to cater to their needs.


Kuk Hee (1999) 

Kuk Kee ran for 20 episodes in 1999, and Kim Hye-soo was cast in the role of Min Kook Hee. The K-Drama’s current score is 8.0. 

Revenge and Passion (1997)

Revenge and Passion holds a score of 8.0. Kim Hye-soo stars in the main role in this 1999 series. 

Official Synopsis: A young drifter, Kang Joon Ho, who got involved in gang life, falls in love with a hairdresser, Min Joo and then tries to straighten. 

If Blooming Flowers Weeped (1990)

Kim Hye-soo was cast in the main role in If Blooming Flowers Weeped, a classic K-Drama that ran for 44 episodes. The series earned a ranking of 8.0. 

Official Synopsis: A melodrama depicting the love and conflict between a woman who married into a loveless relationship because of her father’s business, and a man who loves her. What the two don’t expect is when a madam of a local salon feels sorry for the husband and decides to take revenge against the two lovers.

Jang Hee Bin (2002)

Jang Hee Bin is a period drama that aired in 2002 for 100 episodes. The series holds a score of 7.8. 

Official Synopsis: Jang Hee Bin tells the story of a young lady-in-waiting whose beauty catches the eye of the King and becomes his concubine. Quickly rising in the ranks and eventually giving birth to a son, her hunger for power drives her not only to maintain her position but to become Queen.

Partner (1994)

In the comedy K-Drama, Partner, Kim Hye-soo appears as Wol Rye’s youngest daughter, Cha Hae Soon. Partner aired 164 episodes between 1994 and 1998 and it holds a score of 7.6. 

Official Synopsis: The comical drama follows the lives of Korean Air flight attendants, both in the work arena as well as in their romantic relationships.

The Queen of Office (2013)

Kim Hye-soo stars in the role of Kim Jeom Sun in this highly-rated K-Drama series that aired for 16 episodes in 2013. The Queen of the Office holds a ranking of 7.4. 

Official Synopsis: This drama is about Miss Kim, a big-shot contract worker that is so charismatic not even a high-level executive can make her budge. She will be at odds with the elite Jang Kyu Jik.

Home Sweet Home (2010)

Home Sweet Home ran for 16 episodes and earned a rating of 7.2. Kim Hye-soo appears in the main role of Kim Jin Seo.

Official Synopsis: Kim Jin Seo and Mo Yoon Hee are high school classmates and rivals whose different family backgrounds shaped their characters and their paths toward love and success in adulthood. Jin Seo develops a warm and cheerful personality as well as superior intellectual ability, while Yoon Hee becomes a beautiful woman with fatal charm. Both women love Lee Sang Hyun, an extremely kind but indecisive man who used to date Yoon Hee but later married Jin Seo. When Yoon Hee’s husband, Sung Eun Pil, dies under suspicious circumstances, Jin Seo finds herself becoming involved in the investigation. The process is complicated when the young homicide detective Kang Shin Woo becomes romantically interested in Jin Seo

Did We Really Love? (1999)

Kim Hye-soo stars in this 1999 K-Drama that ran for 44 episodes. Did We Really Love has a rating of 7.1. 

Official Synopsis: This story is about three people, Jae Ho, Shi Yung and Suk Ho. Jae Ho and his sister Jae Young are abandoned by their mother to escape poverty. Because of this, Jae Ho doesn’t understand what love is. And so, he has a dream of becoming rich, thinking that there is no such thing as love, only money. He works hard his whole life while supporting himself and his sister through college. He works at a seafood wholesale market selling crabs to vendors. He lives with his aunt who has taken him and his sister in after their mother abandoned them.

With his big dreams and ambitions, he pretends to be rich while in school, in order to gain the attention of Hyun Su, who is from a very rich family. Thus, he tries to get her to like him so he can marry into her family and become rich. But during this process, he falls in love with his Psychology teacher, Shi Yung. He battles with his feelings and his ambitions, and ultimately picks love over money. Even though they go through hardship, he realizes that he couldn’t survive without both, so he gives up on Shi Yung for money and wishes her happiness.

The Golden Age (2000)

The Golden Age ran between 2000 and 2001 for 18 episodes. Starring Kim Hye-soo in the main role of Kim Hee Kyung, the series received a score of 7.0. 

Official Synopsis: This is a story about two boys, one poor, Park Kwang Chul and one rich Lee Jae Hoon, who meet in unlikely circumstances and become best of friends. The boys meet again as young men and work together as bankers. They also help Hee Kyung, who was raised like a sister to Park Kwang Chul, find her real father and in doing so, discover painful secrets from their past. 

Style (2009) 

Kim Hye-soo appears in the role of Park Ki Ja in the 2009 K-Drama, Style. The show received a score of 6.4 and there are 16 episodes available. 

Official Synopsis: Lee Seo Jung has recently joined a fashion magazine company called Style. Her boss, Editor Park, is loathed by her employees because of her bad temper. As Seo Jung is trying to climb the ranks of this company, she realizes that the fashion world is not a pretty place. Romance, backstabbing, competition, and lies all come along with the territory. However, she meets Seo Woo Jin who helps her during this tough time. 

And that’s our list of the Best Kim Hye Soo K-Dramas to watch right now. Do you have any other recommendations for Korean Drama series starring Kim Hye Soo? Let us know!

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