Will there be a Tales of the Jedi Season 2 on Disney+?

October 27, 2022
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This article discusses the potential of Tales of the Jedi Season 2 and whether Tales of the Jedi has been renewed or canceled. It contains spoilers for the first season.

Tales of the Jedi is the latest Star Wars animation from Dave Filoni, the master of such things, and across six episodes tells two three-part stories – one about Ahsoka Tano, covering the broad sweep of her life from birth to trying to hide from her responsibilities after surviving Order 66, and another about Count Dooku, highlighting three important moments that all contributed to his fall to the Dark Side and reinvention as Darth Tyranus.

This is a brief project, with each of the six episodes running under 20 minutes, but it’s a concept with virtually limitless potential. With the same animation style as The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch, this show is reminiscent of those while being possessed of a bit more storytelling freedom thanks to its anthological format.

Since most Star Wars fans will have already blitzed through the series, it’s worth speculating about its potential future, so here’s everything we know.

Will there be a Tales of the Jedi Season 2 on Disney+?

Status: TBC

While there has been no official confirmation either way at this point, it’s very likely that Tales of the Jedi will be renewed for a second season. The format is well-suited to focusing on different Jedi from all throughout the current canon, and since there are so many Jedi, and so many distinct eras of Star Wars continuity, this is a concept that could survive not just another season but potentially several.

Dave Filoni has a ton of respect and trust at Disney, and fans tend to universally love his work. He clearly understands the franchise on an incredibly deep level and the suits would be more than comfortable with allowing him to paint new pictures on this kind of canvas. Since Star Wars is such a recognizable and consistently profitable IP, shows set in the universe rarely only run for a single season. With the flexibility of Tales of the Jedi, renewal is virtually guaranteed.

Which Jedi could be in Tales of the Jedi Season 2?

As mentioned above, there are virtually limitless possibilities here. A good angle would be perhaps to mimic the format of the Age of Republic/Rebellion/Resistance comics, focusing on Jedi from different eras. Since Ahsoka and Dooku are both Republic-era Jedi, the Rebellion era could focus on, say, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, while the Resistance era could focus on Rey and Kylo Ren.

These names might be a little obvious, though, and Filoni may want to use the concept to flesh out lesser-known characters such as Plo Koon, Quinlan Voss, Revan, or Asajj Ventress. They could also tie into other upcoming Star Wars projects – perhaps someone like Cal Kestis from EA’s Jedi: Fallen Order game.

Tales of the Jedi Season 2 release date

Star Wars has a pretty packed TV schedule over the next calendar year, and animation of this quality takes time to produce. Even though Tales of the Jedi seems to work better in a much smaller package, it’s still unlikely that we’d see a follow for another year at least, but probably closer to two. Being a smaller project the show would also be more likely to drop as a kind of palette-cleanser between bigger attractions, so it’d make sense to in the quieter months of 2023-24.

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