Blockbuster – Who are the Cast and Characters?

November 2, 2022
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Who are the Cast and Characters in Blockbuster? In anticipation of the Netflix series Blockbuster, which will be out on November 3rd, 2022, we break down the cast and characters. This article contains no spoilers.

With a cast stacked with talented performers and charismatic characters, the Netflix series about the world’s last Blockbuster video is at its best when it allows its lovable band of misfits to come together and play off one another. Workplace sitcoms like Blockbuster are only ever as good as their cast, and the series is well stocked in that regard. If you are keen to learn more about the cast and characters in Blockbuster, here is our guide. 

Who are the cast and characters for Blockbuster

Randall Park plays Timmy 

Randall Park is a charisma juggernaut, and in Blockbuster he brings his signature charm and self-deprecating humor to his role as Timmy, the owner of the world’s last remaining Blockbuster store. 

Timmy has worked at the same Blockbuster place since his teens. Then, Blockbuster was at its peak and acted as a refuge for Timmy from his difficult relationship with his divorced parents. Blockbuster was and always has been home for Timmy. So, when he gets the call from corporate headquarters to inform him that the rest of Blockbuster was closed down, he is now the sole owner of the last remaining franchise. 

Timmy immediately decides that he needs to up his game and takes his role more seriously, gradually growing up and taking himself more seriously. 

Timmy also carries a torch for his high school crush Eliza, who has come back to work at the store. 

Melissa Fumero plays Eliza

Brooklyn 99 alum Fumero is reunited with showrunner Vanessa Ramos (writer on Brooklyn 99) and plays Eliza, the most together character in Blockbuster but whose life has not turned out the way she expected. 

Eliza is a bright spark, who secured a spot at the prestigious Harvard before becoming pregnant and deferring her degree to have her daughter. Now, some years later, she finds herself working through a separation from her husband (who cheated on her), parenting a teenage daughter, and is back working at the Blockbuster store she spent a Summer working at in her teens. 

J.B. Smoove plays Percy 

Comedian J.B. Smoove brings his laconic persona to the role of Percy, Timmy’s best friend, landlord, and the owner of a party store in the same strip mall where the Blockbuster is situated. 

Percy is a more complex character than you might conclude on first inspection. He likes Timmy where he is, in a state of arrested development, and does what he can to stop Timmy from growing up so he can always have a playmate. 

Madeline Arthur plays Hannah

Known for roles in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Family, Madeline Arthur is an upcoming actress who plays the role of Hannah, the naive and sheltered employee. 

Hannah was home-schooled and seemingly had quite a difficult upbringing. However, this doesn’t stop her from raising her aspirations higher and looking for more from life. She is cheerful and optimistic if a little naive about the ways of the world. 

Tyler Alvarez plays Carlos

A consistently working actor since his teens, Tyler Alvarez plays the role of Carlos, the store’s resident movie buff. 

The son of immigrant parents, Carlos feels the responsibility of becoming a successful accountant but yearns to pursue his real dream, filmmaking. He finds himself at home surrounded by movies in Blockbuster but this is just a stepping stone for him.  

Olga Merediz plays Connie

Tony-nominated actress Olga Merediz plays the role of Connie, the permanently bewildered baby boomer with a sketchy memory for movie plots and a very strict sleep schedule. 

With her long and chequered past, Connie has plenty of comedic potential to be mined, and she often comes out with a few nuggets of much-needed wisdom at just the right time, 

Kamaia Fairburn plays Kayla 

Kamaia Fairburn is Kayla, Percy’s teenage daughter who got hired by Timmy as a favor to her Dad. Kayla is smart, cynical, and snarky, she keeps everyone at the store squarely in their place with a quick wit and a sharp tongue. 

Are you looking forward to the Netflix series Blockbuster?  Please comment below.

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