Will there be a Bad Prosecutor season 2?

November 4, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a season 2 of the K-Drama series Bad Prosecutor and its renewed or cancelled status. We will also delve into its ratings to look at how it has performed with the Nielsen ratings.

The Korean Drama series Bad Prosecutor, brought to us by KBS2 has given us plenty of law, crime, and drama. And as we approach the finale, we are wondering whether there will be a continuation of the story.

The official synopsis is as follows (courtesy of MyDramaList): a story about a prosecutor named Jin Jung (Doh Kyung-soo), who is armed with bad manners and delinquency. He breaks down the sanctuaries created by wealth and power, and he even takes down the greedy people living in those sanctuaries. He uses expedient methods over conventional ones, tricks over standard procedures, and delinquency over sincerity in order to stop the corrupt authorities from undermining society.

If you haven’t watched this K-Drama yet, then it comes fully recommended. Bad Prosecutor is available to stream on Viki. It will be worth checking the regions before subscribing. The Viki team is also very quick to get out English subtitles.

Will there be a season 2 of the K-Drama Bad Prosecutor – renewed or cancelled status

So far, there has been no news on whether there will be a season 2 of the K-Drama series Bad Prosecutor and KBS2 has not indicated if there will be any news soon, so the renewed and cancelled status is “TBC.”

This is not unusual in the K-Drama industry. TV shows tend to be a one-off, apart from the super popular fare (Squid Game, Hospital Playlist, Love Alarm) that made a lot of sense to renew. The K-Drama industry is well and truly reliant on Nielsen ratings rather than critical ratings, so it will be interesting whether Bad Prosecutor gets that golden renewal. However, we wouldn’t give too much confidence in whether this series is renewed. Most are not given second-season consideration.

However, Bad Prosecutor has done very well with viewership, so we predict there will be a season 2. 

How well did the K-Drama Bad Prosecutor do in Nielsen Ratings?

In terms of ratings, Bad Prosecutor has maintained excellent Nielsen Ratings since the first episode. It’s performed brilliantly amongst audiences on the Wednesday and Thursday slots for KBS2. On the series’ first week, episode 1 gained a nationwide rating of 4.3% but reached a high of 6.3% by episode 9. With the finale coming on November 10th, 2022, we expect Bad Prosecutor to have sustained its good ratings, ending on a high.

Based on the ratings, we’d predict that Bad Prosecutor will be renewed for season 2. 

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