Will there be a sequel to Autumn Beat?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 10, 2022 (Last updated: November 17, 2022)

We discuss whether there will be a sequel to the Amazon Prime film Autumn Beat, which will contain spoilers. 

Autumn Beat is an Italian movie that follows the ups and downs of two brothers, Tito and Paco. The film takes place in Milan, and the brothers have grown up in the city, dreaming about a career in music, in particular rap music.

Tito is a talented lyricist and has a natural ability to create rap. While Paco seems more suited to be center stage, he enjoys the spotlight and gravitates to performing. As the talented duo starts to make headway with their music and performances, they soon find that fame and fortune can be a harsh mistress, and as well as combating the obvious struggles such as ambition, they find themselves in love with the same girl, a situation that threatens to drive a wedge between the siblings forever. This Italian-produced movie is a classic coming-of-age story, and hits all the beats, no pun intended, that you might expect.

The film was written and directed by Antonio Dikele Distefano and stars Hamed Seydou as Tito and Abby 6ix as Paco. The film also makes use of some of the most influential Italian rap stars, including Guè Pequeno, a massive name in the Italian rap scene who has been writing and producing since 1997.

Autumn Beat sequel potential release date

There will always be a call for music in movies, and rap movies have a strong and eager audience who love the art form and the performers, so there is no doubt that this type of film could receive some kind of sequel. However, the film follows the brothers over the course of 3 decades, so it would seem that a sequel is not likely for this particular film.

With every aspect of the brothers’ careers covered in this first outing, it does not seem likely that there will be another. If the film does well though, there could be a chance that the writer or director would be tempted to further explore the world of rap music, as he obviously has a love for the genre.

Antonio Dikele Distefano is hard-working and diligent. His previous films have been Basement Cafe in 2018, Capo Plaza in 2020, and Zero in 2021, so his output has been consistent despite Covid-19 restrictions, so if there is a sequel, expect it sooner than later, possibly even in 2023, and I would expect more work from this talented filmmaker in the near future. It also appears that Dikele has signed a Creative Overall Deal with Prime Video, which implies that further work of this kind may well be forthcoming.

Autumn Beat sequel cast – who might be in it?

It would have to be the two leads that would reprise their roles in any sequel or prequel that may be considered. It would be hard to separate Tito and Paco from the actors that initially portrayed them, so if further stories about the brothers are made, it would be difficult to imagine anyone else in those roles, and for any sequel to this property to be true to the original, it would once again have to be written and directed by Antonio Dikele Distefano.

Autumn Beat sequel plot – what could Autumn Beat 2 be about?

With the first outing covering most of the subject matter, it is hard to speculate on what the sequel would bring, it would appear that the industry itself would be the premise of a sequel, perhaps with new characters in a current year setting, who were influenced by the two brothers in this original film. It would also be advantageous to have Gue back on board for any further productions.

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