The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 release date, time and where to watch

November 11, 2022
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We discuss predictions for the Prime Video series The Peripheral season 1, episode 6, and include the release date, time, and where to watch online.

The Peripheral season 1, episode 5 sees another assassin thrown into the fray to take on the mighty Fisher family. This newly hired killer, called Bob, is offered the same terms as Corbell (Louis Herthum), although after hesitating he is blackmailed into helping the future villains instead. While Flynne (Chloë Grace Moretz and Burton (Jack Reynor) take on their latest nemesis, we’re also given some backstory on Aelita (Charlotte Riley) and then witness a showdown between Flynne and Cherise (T’Nia Miller). It’s an action-packed instalment that ups the ante somewhat. Here’s what happened in episode five of The Peripheral:

  • Grace gives Aelita a tour around the off-limits levels of the Research Institute. She shows Aelita how they are messing with people’s emotions and experimenting on the military.
  • A trained killer, Robert “Bob” O’Connell, is sent a futuristic phone and the sonic gun. Daniel phones him up and delivers his job specifics. If he doesn’t comply they will kill his daughter.
  • Flynne seeks medical attention for her latest issues. The doctors think she may have a bacterial infection that is messing with her vision.
  • Bob is instructed to follow Flynne as she leaves her procedure. He decides to pretend to have broken down on the bridge. Before they show up, Bob calls his daughter and says his goodbyes.
  • Billy Ann shows up instead and offers her assistance. Bob turns her down, but she is a stubborn so and so that won’t take no for an answer. She heads over to help, just as Burton drives by. They all stop for a chat and Bob draws his sonic gun, firing at Flynne.
  • A shoot-out ensues, with the three locals taking on the stranger. Billy Ann fires her shotgun in his direction and the assassin is later arrested. He was wearing a bulletproof vest though and remains unharmed.
  • Tommy questions the witnesses, but they all remain mute on the point. Tommy takes Bob to the station. Bob tries to persuade Tommy to let him go. Tommy hits an invisible car, causing a crash. An unknown man drags Bob out of the wreckage and drives him off.
  • Flynne and Burton confess everything to their mother. She warns them about being dependent on the future folk.
  • Flynne journeys to the future to confront Wilf about this issue and the lack of warning. They were unaware of Bob’s plans. Flynne asks if Wilf is emotionally manipulating her, he says he is not.
  • Flynne meets with Cherise and asks why they are targeting her. Cherise says they have stolen some data of hers. Flynne pleads her innocence, but Cherise doesn’t know whether she is lying or not. They fight and Flynne snaps Cherise’s neck, although she is in a peripheral suit and survives unharmed.

The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 release date and time

Episode 6 is scheduled to release on Prime Video on Friday, November 18th, 2022 at 12am ET. Episode 6 is titled “F*** You and Eat S***” and will have a run time of 59 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Peripheral season 1, episode 6 with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video on the date mentioned above.


  • Cherise has been threatened in her own building, she will not take this assault lightly. I imagine Cherise will send out more assassins to murder Flynne and Burton. She may even start going after Wilf and Lev by association. A full on war is on the cards here.
  • Flynne will feel rather confident after her fight with Cherise and may want to head back with an army of her own. Wilf will supply Conner and Burton with avatars and they will journey to London, 2100, to take on Cherise once and for all.
  • Tommy has been getting quite suspicious over the last few weeks. Now that he has been involved in a purposeful car crash and his detainee has escaped, it will all feel painfully personal to the Deputy. He will question the Fishers and possibly start arresting locals until he gets some answers.
  • Wilf will find more clues of Aelita’s location and continue to hunt for his missing sister.

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