Will there be a season 2 of Ancient Apocalypse?

November 13, 2022
Adam Lock 3
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We discuss the Netflix series Ancient Apocalypse and whether there will be a season 2. We also delve into its renewed or cancelled status. 

Nothing provokes controversy or fuels conspiracy theories quite like the pyramids. In Graham Hancock’s new documentary series Ancient Apocalypse, the pseudo-archaeologist takes viewers on a global adventure as he theorizes the existence of an advanced, lost civilization that lived during the last ice age. A journey that involves the exploration of many ancient pyramid sites.

The series has already become extremely popular over on Netflix and has caused great controversy for its subject matter. If you’ve watched the entire eight-part series, then you may be interested to know whether there will be a second season or not. So without further ado, let’s discuss the renewal status of Ancient Apocalypse.

What did critics say about Ancient Apocalypse?

Surprisingly few critics have reviewed the Netflix original series to date, and it doesn’t even have a rating on Rotten Tomatoes yet. Our very own Nicole Ackman gave the show a 1.5-star rating, claiming the journalist to be ‘more speculative than factual’, although praising the show’s ‘impressive cinematography’. Other critics have summarized in a similar fashion, Ancient Apocalypse is slick and well-presented, although Hancock is biased, and his opinions are short on any genuine facts. The general public seems to be more generous with their evaluations though, and the series currently has a score of 8.3 on IMDb. Overall, most would agree that the show is entertaining and educational to a point.

Why is Ancient Apocalypse controversial?

The series is controversial for a number of reasons, but in essence, it all comes down to the show’s presenter Graham Hancock and his specific viewpoint. The journalist has been criticized for cherry-picking his data and has therefore been entirely dismissed by the academic community to date. None of his books have been peer-reviewed, and none of his findings have been printed in any academic journals. An outsider in the world of history and science, Hancock has been completely rejected by his own industry. He has written many books on the topics of ancient civilizations and apocalyptic events that may have wiped out these lost societies but constantly claims not to be an archaeologist or a scientist.

In the series, Hancock proposes the existence of an advanced civilization that was roaming the earth during the last ice age alongside the hunter-gatherers we are most familiar with. He believes that his findings challenge the traditional view of human history, although his evidence is mainly based on speculation and ancient mythology. There are, however a few snippets of intrigue throughout the first season, and he makes some unique points, but his animosity towards the field in general means that his theories are instantly dismissed without any further analysis.

Will there be a season 2 of Ancient Apocalypse? Renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC

The renewal status of the docuseries Ancient Apocalypse is currently still pending over at Netflix HQ, with no word yet on a follow-up season. As of now, there is not confirmation of a season 2 of Ancient Apocalypse. Hancock himself stated that the series took two years to film, so even if there is a second season in the works, it won’t be heading to Netflix any time soon. I think the show has stirred up enough controversy and won over enough fans to warrant a second season. Whilst the journalist’s own novels provide ample material to justify a second instalment.

What will Ancient Apocalypse season 2 be about?

If there is to be a second season of Ancient Apocalypse, then it would be nice to see the academic community challenging some of Hancock’s very own claims and working together with the journalist to actually explore some of the theories with undisputable scientific research. Take, for example, the controversial carbon dating results drawn from Gunung Padang. This data is still to be disproven and could provide exciting new information on ancient civilizations on the whole. Academic scholars could address their interpretations of Hancock’s theories on the show as well, which would bring neutrality and balance to proceedings. I think the idea of involving professional historians and archaeologists would be a fascinating direction to take the series in, one that would surely fuel even more controversy.

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3 thoughts on “Will there be a season 2 of Ancient Apocalypse?

  • November 15, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    It would have been nice to omit referring to Hancock as a pseudo-archaeologist in the article, since as you later mention, he does not consider himself an archaeologist at all, nor should he be considered one (even a pseudo one). That said, it felt like you really watched and had valid insight on what worked and what didn’t work so much about the series. It’s good writing imo. Hopefully, there is a second season that engages more with academia and tones down some of the disdain you can feel from him in this first season. I find his ideas worth investigating, but it really felt that a lot of this first season was a giant middle finger to the establishment mixed with a little dose of Netflix pride.

  • November 16, 2022 at 6:39 pm

    Let’s just say that everything in the show is mere conjecture….For the viewer, all the sites and locations covered were absolutely breathtaking and awe inspiring and thought provoking. The cinematic coverage around the globe and absolutely gorgeous views of these actual dig sites/old remnants, (that most don’t have the funds to go and see personally), provokes the kid in all of us, begging us to want to go climbing and searching these sites, like a kid with unbridled enthusiasm and wonder!! I agree with the above previous reply,, that it would help to have some real scientists in this broad field for a more balanced approach.

  • November 25, 2022 at 9:00 am

    More bias in your article than in the show. At least admit that your article has bias the same way Hancock literally tells you he is no archaeologist or scientist. He uses actual data to build his own theory. Does the data support the academics theory?? Does the sphinx’s head match the body?? No it does not. Which they will reluctantly will say yes to. So Hancock proposes his own theory. One that when you first study Egypt as a kid, you know he’s on to something.

    All I have to say is that the guy who thought the dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid was ridiculed for years by academics. Those same academics had to recant and give him an award. Because his laughable theory…. Is now the accepted theory. So I feel like this show is a spark to do more study and disprove Hancock. That’s his whole point. Make him the bad guy, but do the work before you ridicule him.

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