The Lying Life of Adults – Release Date and How to Watch Online

November 13, 2022
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We discuss the Netflix series The Lying Life of Adults, including the release date, plot synopsis, cast, and trailer.

The Lying Life of Adults is a beloved bestselling book by the Italian writer Elena Ferrante; however, this is not the first time Netflix and Ferrante have crossed paths.  In 2021, there was a Netflix film starring Olivia Colman based on her previous novel, The Lost Daughter. With Ferrante herself on board with the production, this could be a close adaptation of her work, and that alone should please fans of her work.

Netflix series The Lying Life of Adults plot synopsis

Here is the official plot synopsis:

Young Giovanna navigates her passage from childhood into adolescence as she experiences the different sides of Naples during the 1990s.

Our opinion of the premise

This is certainly an interesting premise, and with the subject matter staying close to the printed novel, it appears that this may be a more highbrow look at an adolescent coming-of-age story. There are aspects of dealing with the problems of family and the duality of personality, and this seems to be reflected in the main character’s attempt at finding herself at a difficult time of life. The good news though, is the series has been filmed on location and the story takes place not only in the beautiful and scenic parts of Naples, but also in the less filmed locations too. This may be aimed at a young adult audience, judging by the themes of the book, but there may also be a lot to offer for a more general viewing public.

The Lying Life of Adults release date

The Netflix series will be released globally on Netflix on Wednesday, January 4th, 2023, at 12 am PT.

How to watch The Lying Life of Adults online

Audiences will be able to watch The Lying Life of Adults with a subscription to Netflix. The basic plan for Netflix is $9.99. If you want HD, you’ll need to get the standard package at $15.49. Finally, for Ultra HD, the premium package costs $19.99. Additionally, here is everything we know about the plan for Netflix adverts.

The series will have a total of six episodes.

The Lying Life of Adults cast

Here is the main cast:

  • Giordana Marengo
  • Valeria Golino
  • Alessandro Preziosi
  • Pina Turco
  • Azzurra Mennella

Valeria Golina may be very familiar to eagle-eyed viewers, so if you remember her from Rain Man, with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, or even Hot Shots with Charlie Sheen, give yourself a pat on the back.

The production team 

Here is the team behind it all:

  • Domenico Procacci-Executive Producer
  • Ferran Paredes-Cinematography
  • Edoardo De Angelis-Director
  • Elena Ferrante-Writer

Is there a trailer? 

There is only a release teaser. Check it out below:

It would seem that Netflix is definitely invested in the written work of Elena Ferrante, as this is their second stab at adapting her work. Italian director Edoardo De Angelis is on board with the project, and his noteworthy earlier credits include The Vice of Hope, a powerful and emotional story set in a lawless area of Naples, and Indivisible, another coming-of-age story, so it would seem this series is in very capable hands. Ferrante will of course have a different view of the subject matter that may elevate this production into something new and different, and it remains to be seen if the Italian setting will further enhance the viewing experience. It might also be worth noting that the book is set in the 1990s, and I wonder if the series will stick to this setting, or update it.

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