The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 – Release Date and How to Watch Online

November 14, 2022
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We discuss the HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2, including the release date, time, plot synopsis, cast, and trailer.

After a massively successful season one, Mindy Kailing’s The Sex Lives of College Girls is set to return for a second season. So many things were left open during the season 1 finale, and we are excited about what’s ahead. We share everything we know about season 2 below.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 plot synopsis

Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls is set to pick up shortly after, where season one ended with each of the four ladies battling their own different things as they try to come together to overcome them all.

Our opinion of the premise

Details surrounding the series have been quite mum other than some chitter chatter that it will be more outlandish than season one in several different aspects. However, when you are set to watch season 2, you already know whether or not you will watch it. I loved season one of the series, and how they left things made me eager to watch season 2.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 release date

Season 2 will be released globally on HBO Max on Thursday, November 17th, 2022, at 12 am PT. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

How to watch The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 online

Audiences will be able to watch season 2 with a subscription to HBO Max. The basic plan for HBO Max is $14.99 a month. There’s also an ad-supported subscription for $9.99 a month.

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 cast

Here is the main cast:

  • Pauline Chalamet as Kimberly
  • Amrit Kaur as Bela
  • Reneé Rapp as Leighton
  • Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney
  • Christopher Meyer as Canaan

Season 2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls sees most of the cast from season 1 returning outside of Nico. We have several new cast members set to join the series Mitchell Slaggert, Mekhi Leeper, Christopher Meyer, and Ilia Isorelys Paulino.

The production team 

Here is the team behind it all:

  • Mindy Kaling, Executive Producer
  • Charlie Grandy, Executive Producer
  • Justin Noble, Executive Producer
  • Matt Warburton, Executive Producer
  • David Gordon Green, Executive Producer

Is there a trailer? 

There sure is! Check it out below:

In the trailer, we get highlights into the lives of each of the four ladies and their storylines that pick up from season one. First, we see Bela announce a strip show that will also be a fundraiser for climate change. Next, we get a quick introduction to our new cast member Mitchell Slaggert (shirtless and the ladies with googly eyes). Then, Kimberly struggles to find ways to pay for college. Last, Leighton tries to catch up after being in the closet for many years.

As a fan of the series, the trailer has me hooked and very excited to see what is in store in season 2. The writing of this series is top-notch in delivering some of the best authenticity while bringing laughs we haven’t seen in some time. I can’t wait to dive back into this world with these ladies.

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