How long will The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24 be?

November 15, 2022
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How long will The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24 be? We are witnessing the end of history with the forthcoming 24th episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead. So what is there to know about the final episode? We share everything we know, including the run time, why the show is ending, and if this will be the last episode of the series.

Is The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24 the last ever episode?

Yes, The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24, titled “Rest In Peace,” will be the final and last-ever episode of the storied franchise. The first episode of The Walking Dead aired on October 31, 2010. In its third season, it had the highest rating in the 18-49 demographic, leading to the series becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Since then, we have seen three spin-off series with two more of them on their way. The Walking Dead has run for over 12 years with 11 seasons and 177 episodes. On top of that, we have seen the series’ popularity expand into toys, games, and even The Walking Dead Con. It is an expo where thousands of fans across the globe gather to share their love of the series.

While the series isn’t breaking any records, in the era we are in with streaming, to last over 11 seasons isn’t something that happens with many shows. I can remember at the height of this series, and the episode Rick finally “dies” was one of the most talked about TV episodes on the internet that I can remember. Even people who didn’t watch the show weekly (like me) tuned in to see the man go down. It’s the type of series that brings together many people. On the plus side, now that the series is ending, you can now go back and binge the entire thing.

Why is The Walking Dead finishing after season 11?

We have seen plenty of conversation about why the series is ending, but one of the big reasons is that the showrunners and creators want to hone in on the expanded universe. Scott Gimple said in a statement“We have a lot of thrilling stories left to tell on TWD, and then, this end will be a beginning of more Walking Dead—brand new stories and characters, familiar faces and places, new voices, and new mythologies.

So basically, with the original series set to close, the door is open for so many other branches of this world. I mentioned that we already have three series that have taken place that were part of The Walking Dead franchise, but we have two new series that feature Daryl and Carol spin-off, and we got our first look at the brand new series The Walking Dead: Dead City with The Walking Dead members Maggie and Negan which is slated to come out in spring of 2023.

How long will The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24 be?

The Walking Dead season 11, episode 24 is scheduled to have a run time of an hour and thirty minutes. The series finale is set to air on AMC Sunday, November 20, at 9 PM EST. Unfortunately, due to the concern of possible spoilers, the finale will debut on AMC plus at the same time it goes live on AMC. I am a big fan of this because people on the internet sure know how to spoil things for everyone before they get a chance to watch it.

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