Will there be a sequel to The Lost Lotteries?

By Lori Meek
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: November 29, 2022)

We discuss whether there will be a The Lost Lotteries 2, a sequel to the Netflix film The Lost Lotteries, and will contain spoilers. 

Written and directed by Thai filmmaker Prueksa AmarujiThe Lost Lotteries is a fun slapstick comedy that just premiered on Netflix. This film is the first of four Thai productions Netflix is set to release as original features. Upon its premiere, the response has been mixed, leaning towards positive. On IMDB, the film gathered a rating of 5.4/10, while its rank on MyDramaList is a favorable 7.2/10. 

The story centers on a young man named Tay, who’s taken over selling lottery tickets from his mother, Toi after she injured herself. Of course, the winning lottery tray gets stolen by a loanshark’s goons just as Tay learned he won the Jackpot. So he and a group of four strangers, also winners, try to pull off a comedic heist, recover the tickets and become millionaires. The story is full of twists and turns, and by the end of it, all five characters are better off than they were before meeting each other. A cliffhanger left the door wide open for a sequel. Now the question begs, will we get to see more of Tay and his friend’s adventures on Netflix? And if so, when? 

The Lost Lotteries sequel potential release date

Director Prueksa Amaruji’s previous comedy projects, such as Bikeman and Bikeman 2, were released within a year of each other. Depending on how The Lost Lotteries is received by audiences, it may be safe to assume he’d want to continue telling the story as soon as possible. So a sequel dropping on Netflix late next year isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. 

The Lost Lotteries sequel cast – who might be in it?

We’d expect the main cast to reprise their role for the second part of this slapstick comedy. It would be difficult to do a sequel without Sky Wongravee Nateetorn coming back as Tay, Minnie Phantira Pipityakorn as Beat, Pat Napapa Thantrakul as Zoe, Jazz Chuanchuen as Wen, and Somjit Jongjohor as Khung. Thanaporn Wagprayoon would very likely return as Tay’s mother, Toi, considering how quintessential she is to our main character. Of course, we’d like to see First Kanaphan Puitrakul returning in his role as Mr. Great, but this time taking over the part of the main antagonist our group of five comedy heisters needs to go up against. 

The Lost Lotteries sequel plot: what could The Lost Lotteries 2 be about?

As the film ended on a cliffhanger, the most likely scenario for a sequel would see the five heisters bringing Mr. Great to justice, eventually. However, this time around, they’d have more resources than when they tried retrieving the lottery tray from Mr. Chye. Wen is now a successful actor with money and influence. Khung owns a boxing school and theoretically has access to a whole team of muscles that can help. Tay is also in a better financial position, which gives the group an advantage. Zoe is a much more mature and level-headed individual than in the first film, while Beat’s thirst for revenge is higher than ever. Yet, all five of them put together still don’t have the finances to bring down the much-richer Mr. Great. It seems Tay already has a wacky plan to help Beat avenge her dad, and we’ll probably have to wait until part 2 to hear it. 

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