Where was Spirited filmed?

November 20, 2022
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Where was the Apple TV+ Spirited filmed? We discuss locations and settings for this streaming movie.

Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones and, of course, to spread cheer. In Spirited directed by Sean Anders, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) finds someone who is unredeemable to haunt to restore their good spirit.

After many years of working with his team, he is very close to retirement and has no idea what his next move should be. One file that is brought to his attention is incredibly important to him to solve, so he takes on one final mission. This file is labeled unredeemable; his name is Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds).

This film jazzes up the classic Charles Dickens story and turns it into a modernized musical with the same sentiments as the original story. Apple TV Plus has a wonderful holiday film on its hands because of the dynamic pairing of Ferrell and Reynolds.

Movie musicals have been rare, but they’ve always been fun to watch. Whether they’re entertaining or not, there is always some value to them. Spirited had a beautiful backdrop and a city filled with the holiday spirit.

The holidays are always a joyous time to watch movies that bring the Christmas spirit, and it always comes down to authenticity in setting the tone.

Where was the Apple TV Plus film Spirited filmed – a breakdown of locations

Boston, Massachusetts 

The entirety of Spirited was filmed in Boston, Massachusetts and they prepped it for the Holiday season. They used three major locations to film some musical numbers and some old-timey scenes as well.

It wasn’t only in Boston, but in the outskirts too, like Marian High School cafeteria in Framingham was used as the homeless shelter.

Even a suburban home in Melrose was turned into Octavia Spencer’s house.

There are even scenes where flashbacks were used that an Everett neighborhood appears when Reynolds revisits his childhood.

Saunders Castle 

Saunders Castle is located at the Park Plaza on Columbus Avenue in Back Bay. This site was specifically used for its high ceilings, giant windows, and brick wrought-iron detail which are featured throughout the film.

This is where all the spirits socialize and plan their haunts. On the set, the cast and crew actually called it the Ghost World. 

Marshall Street 

The main use for Marshall Street in downtown Boston was to make it feel like London. There’s a section in the film where they go back in time to the Ghost of Christmas Presents past.

There is also a fantastic musical number called, “Good Afternoon” that takes place on those cobblestone streets.

They had to secure the Union Oyster House and the Green Dragon Tavern on the strip as well.

Devonshire Street 

Devonshire Street is in the financial district, where the entire cast performs a large-scale musical number in the streets.

Rightfully so, Devonshire Street turned into New York City for some scenes in order to recreate some authentic Christmas nightlife that is familiar to so many.

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