10 films like Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich you must watch

December 4, 2022
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We discuss 10 films like Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich you must watch. Add these recommendations to your watch list.

In 2020, Netflix released a four-part miniseries about convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, titled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. The creators of that series return two years later to address Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement in the child sex-trafficking scandal and the journey to her sentencing. The documentary Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich focuses on the convicted sex offender’s trial and a quick history of the former socialite’s life and upbringing. If you found both of these projects to be of interest, then you may be looking for something similar to watch next. So, here’s a list of ten recommendations with a similar style or subject matter.

10 films like Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich you must watch

Athlete A (2020)

Netflix is renowned for their fascinating and gritty documentaries that shine a light on a controversial or topical issue. Athlete A is a prime example of Netflix’s resolute dedication to supporting these crucial projects. The 2020 documentary film tells the true story of the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal, which centered on team doctor Larry Nassar, who was sexually assaulting young female gymnasts whilst in his job role. Like Maxwell’s case, this involves a person in power abusing their position and taking advantage of minors in the most horrifying of circumstances. A harrowing, but important watch.

Our Father (2022)

Possibly one of the most shocking documentaries to premiere in 2022, Our Father explores the 2017 fertility fraud investigation, in which fertility doctor Donald Cline was found to have artificially inseminated his patients with his own sperm, without their knowledge. This led to Cline being the father of at least 94 children in the local community and possibly countless others. It’s just another case of unparalleled cruelty and selfishness, with Cline practically inventing a new way of inflicting pain and suffering on his victims. The Netflix feature length is another disturbing but absorbing doc to add to your watch list this year.

Prince Andrew: Banished (2022)

One of the more surprising connections to the Maxwell/Epstein saga is that of disgraced British royalty, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. He’s mentioned in both Filthy Rich projects and is known to have had strong ties to both of the convicted sex offenders. In this Peacock original, the filmmakers look at the Prince’s scandalous past and the events that led to the Virginia Giuffre lawsuit. This documentary isn’t available to watch in the UK at present.

Icarus (2017)

Icarus is an award-winning Netflix original about the doping scandal in cycling and the sports world at large. An unbelievable true story that will shock and enthrall, this documentary deserves all the praise that it has already received. Filmmaker Bryan Fogel investigates the secretive world of doping. It’s the scandal that allowed Lance Armstrong to avoid detection for all those years, one that infiltrated the Olympics and led to the unearthing of national corruption in the Russian government. Both Icarus and Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich are executive produced by Maiken Baird.

Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? (2020)

If you haven’t checked out the Netflix docu-series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, then that should be your next binge-watch after Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich. Both projects tell an unsettling story of sexual assault and abuse. One of the more fascinating aspects of the story is the suspicious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death. The man is alleged to have committed suicide in prison, although he was supposed to have been on suicide watch at the time of his death. The Discovery Plus special explores the conspiracy theories surrounding his death in more detail.

Abducted in Plain Sight (2017)

Available on Netflix, this stranger-than-fiction tale of abduction explores the kidnapping of 12-year-old Jan Broberg by a trusted neighbor, who was also a close friend of the family’s. The film, directed by Skye Borgman (Girl in the Picture), quickly grew in popularity on Netflix, leading to streaming rivals Peacock adapting the story into a serialized drama. A Friend of the Family was released in 2022, with Jake Lacy starring as the child abductor Robert Berchtold.

She Said (2022)

Harvey Weinstein was another wealthy and powerful individual, who abused his position of power to get away with awful crimes for decades. This Hollywood film from Maria Schrader (Unorthodox) recounts the New York Times’ investigation into the allegations of Weinstein’s history of abuse and sexual misconduct against women. Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan play the journalists who exposed the former film producer, which led to him being convicted as a sex offender and serving many years behind bars. It also opened up a cultural debate about Hollywood’s outdated ethics and was integral in the launch of the MeToo movement.

Square One: Michael Jackson (2019)

In the 21st century, everyone has the right to a fair trial, and Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich spends a little of its screen time exploring the many ways Maxwell’s defense lawyers attempted to fight her corner. Another celebrity with a controversial history, Michael Jackson was the subject of Leaving Neverland, a damning two-part documentary about sexual abuse allegations made against the singer. This led to a number of counterarguments, defending Jackson. Among these is Square One: Michael Jackson by Danny Wu.

Girl in the Picture (2022)

Another horrifying true story from Skye Borgman that went on to grip the globe, Girl in the Picture is a Netflix original about the tortured life of Sharon Marshall. She was abducted, sexually assaulted, and forced into a life of abuse. It’s a tough watch that is filled with plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers’ interest. True crime seems to be able to haunt and entertain in equal amounts, but this documentary really gets underneath the skin.

Spotlight (2015)

Overall, this is quite the depressing list of mankind’s most heinous crimes, and Spotlight addresses similar themes, but in the end, there is justice. So let’s finish with the award-winning biographical drama. Spotlight is about the investigation into child sex abuse by Boston’s Roman Catholic priests. Just like She Said, the film focuses on real-life journalists, this time those from The Boston Globe, who uncovered the scandal. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, and Stanley Tucci. It would go on to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Americans can currently catch the heart-wrenching drama on HBO Max.

Do you have any other recommendations for films like Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich? Let us know!

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