Is Darby and the Dead on Disney Plus?

December 4, 2022
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Is Darby and the Dead on Disney Plus? We answer that question and discuss the premise and age rating. 

Darby and the Dead is a teen drama that has a supernatural theme and a rather dark premise. When Darby was only seven, both she and her mother were swept away by a wave leading to being drowned. Darby was resuscitated, but her mother dies in the event.

Darby then finds that after her experience, she has the power to speak with the dead. She can also see them and realizes that many people who have passed often have unfinished business.

With this in mind, she makes the decision to aid the spirits of the dead who are needing help to pass from our realm to their new one. She creates “Deados,” a service to help spirits move on, but she finds herself becoming ostracised from everyone else due to her abilities.

Fortunately, Darby has one true friend, a spirit called Gary, who was the janitor at her school. Gary is still on our plane of existence, as he is waiting for his wife to pass over so that he can move on too.

Capri is a student at the school and manages to electrocute herself with a pair of hair straighteners. She immediately seeks the help of Darby and reveals she still wants to have her seventeenth birthday party even though she is dead.

This leads to plenty of teenage ghostly angst and shenanigans, with Darby trying to find her way, helping the spirits of the dead and balancing her own tumultuous life.

Directed by Silas Howard and written by Becca Greene and Wenonah Wilms, this spooky teen comedy fantasy mixes genres. Think The Sixth Sense meets Mean Girls, and you will have a good idea of the tone of this production.

What age rating is Darby and the Dead?

Darby and the Dead has a PG-13 rating. This is mostly due to the subject nature of the premise, some strong language, teenage partying antics, and the occasional suggestive reference. There are a few barbed asides made to the camera, aka Fleabag, that manages to add a little edge to this teenage movie, giving it a bit more bite than you might expect.

The main reason for the rating seems to be the language, so maybe if the little ones are under thirteen, you might want to screen this before letting them watch it.

Otherwise, this is pretty much aimed at that teen audience, and along with the comedy and supernatural drama, there are messages about self-discovery, being self-reliant, and friendship that is pretty positive.

Is Darby and the Dead on Disney Plus?

This movie is a Hulu original, so you can watch it on Disney Plus in the UK and around the world. In the US, it will be available on Hulu.

Is Darby and the Dead out?

What are you waiting for? This movie was released on December the 2nd, 2022, so you can stop reading this and go check it out now.

Darby and the Dead trailer

Still not sure? Have a quick look at the trailer, it gives you pretty much everything you need to know about this movie.

Did you like Darby and the Dead? Let us know your thoughts on the mix between teen high school comedy and supernatural escapades below.

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