Delivery by Christmas ending explained – will Maria deliver the gifts in time for Christmas?

December 6, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Delivery by Christmas (2022) which will contain spoilers.

Delivery by Christmas isn’t good and it’s not bad either, it’s a mixture as there are some lovely elements but the film doesn’t push the boundaries or themes enough for it to be anything memorable or outstanding. Christmas films are meant to be cheesy and have classic tropes with a hopeful Christmas message leaving audiences feeling warm and fuzzy inside. This film was nice to watch but does not come close to making the list of Christmas films you’ll be excited to watch every year.

The film begins with a messy van driving around a small town that’s getting dressed up for the festive season. We don’t see the driver, but the scene quickly goes from day to night, so we know our protagonist is a hard worker. 

We’re then introduced to Maria and her son, who is in the back of the van. As they both deliver a parcel, we’re shown that Maria is kind and a bit awkward. In this fancy office space she’s delivering to, we meet Krzysztof, who is wanting an engagement ring from his grandfather as he plans to propose. He asks Maria to go and collect the ring for him. 

The film then continues as we watch her deliver parcels until we see that she has been sabotaged by a disgruntled co-worker who has messed up all her orders. Now Krzysztof is on a mission to find his engagement ring, so joins Maria on her journey to make it right and make sure all the gifts get to the right people before Christmas day. 

We have small sub-plots of the people who have been given the wrong gifts. This includes an older couple and a tailor, which leads to the wife cheating on the husband with the tailor; and a younger couple, where the girl was meant to send a video of her stripping but instead he gets a pregnancy announcement, leading him to panic. 

Their journey isn’t smooth for Krzysztof and Maria. Krzysztof is rude, bossy, fills her van up with petrol instead of diesel, and they fight to the point where she leaves him at the side of the road. However, our main girl is kind and goes back to him. 

Delivery by Christmas ending explained – will Maria deliver the gifts in time for Christmas?

Midway through the film Krzysztof has a change of heart and wants to help her deliver her presents on time. Here we have the scene that was the main focus of the trailer. As he’s driving he’s stopped by the police because they are suspicious that the car he is driving is stolen. The officers inform Krzysztof that no amount of money is going to help him out of this situation as the car he is driving is going to be impounded. As the officers go back to call for reinforcements, Krzysztof drives off. Whilst this excites the officers, this scene slowly dies out and Krzysztof is back with Maria, and they’re quickly back on their journey. He apologizes for being rude and wants to make amends. 

Now the two seem to be getting on better, laughing, playfully joking, even slightly flirting. One of the subplots is a woman having an affair with her tailor. When given his correct gift the tailor says “misunderstandings can lead to wonderful things” and I think this is the most poignant line in the film. That even though something bad has happened and it could potentially ruin everyone’s Christmas, not all bad things turn out badly. Sometimes, mistakes can be a blessing in disguise. 

When they finally get Krzysztof’s parcel back, inside is a p***s. His grandfather never gave the engagement ring, but instead gave a good luck charm of a p***s. They both laugh, and Maria gives Krzysztof her ring to give to his girlfriend instead.

They both then leave each other to carry on with their lives. Krzysztof comes to bring Maks a boat for Christmas and finds a hungover man in the apartment, but we know this is Maria’s colleague and not a love interest. Maks admits he stole a small boat from Krzysztof’s granddad’s house, and they go to return it. Whilst there the granddad lets slip that Krzysztof and his girlfriend have broken up. Maria seems happy about this. 

Together, back in the Van, the police are on their tail and finally catch Maria and Krzysztof. Handcuffing them together, they magically escape and run to the river. Here they reflect, Krzysztof gives Maria her ring back and she tosses it into the river. This is her getting rid of her emotional baggage. Which is ironic as she is literally handcuffed to someone. Together they sit and hold some cheeky romantic glances, cheers to a new beginning and the film ends. 

Christmas films should always have a message, that’s what makes them memorable and special. In this film, the message feels weak as I don’t think they pushed the romance or Christmas spirit enough for it to have a full impact. The message I get from this film is that mistakes can happen and good can come from bad. It’s weak but it’s positive and the film ends with sweet glances as we know some romance can flourish, but from watching this film I wouldn’t call it a romantic comedy, just a simple holiday film with a romantic undertone.

What did you think of the ending of the Netflix film Delivery by Christmas (2022)? Comment below.

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