Lookism Season 2 – Will Netflix Renew the Popular Korean Anime?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: December 8, 2022 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
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Will there be a Lookism season 2?

Capitalizing on the booming popularity of both Korean drama and anime, the new Netflix series Lookism is a highly-anticipated release, and only more so after it was delayed following the tragic events in Seoul this year and and are already interested in whether there will be a Season 2, which is not confirmed so far.Adapted from the popular webtoon by Park Tae-joon, its story revolves around a young boy who is badly bullied because of his appearance and discovers, quite suddenly, that he’s able to shift his consciousness into a much taller, more athletic, and more handsome counterpart.

With timely social commentary, a built-in fanbase from the webtoon, and mass-market appeal give its dual status as both k-drama and anime, Lookism is virtually guaranteed to be a hit. With plenty more of the original story to adapt, fans will be doubtlessly be looking to the future, so here’s everything we know about what that might look like.

Will there be a Lookism Season 2?

At the time of writing Netflix haven’t officially confirmed a Lookism season 2. However, the signs are very promising.

As mentioned above, the streamer does major numbers in both k-drama and anime, so with Lookism qualifying as both, it’s sure to attract the attention of both fanbases. And then there’s the existing fanbase garnered by the webtoon. This is a faithful adaptation of that story, with a strikingly similar art style and an almost one-to-one translation of the story. Curious fans will likely stick with the anime version because of its faithfulness.

And then there’s the artistic justification. The Lookism anime only adapts the first few volumes of the story. In the season 1 ending, Hyeok-Seong and Duk-Hwa manage to earn the attention of a successful musician after they played an original song at the school festival. This is likely where a potential second season would pick things up. The material and fanbase are both already there, so, why not?

Our prediction is that Lookism will be renewed for season 2 sooner rather than later.

What is Lookism?

Here’s an official synopsis from MyAnimeList:

Park Hyung Suk has spent all 17 years of his life at the bottom of the food chain. Short, overweight, and unattractive, he is used to being bullied by his classmates and constantly discriminated against for his looks. In an attempt to escape his biggest bully, Lee Tae Sung, he decides to transfer to Seoul’s Jae Won High School, a vocational preparatory school notorious for its liberal education system and carefree students.

Days before his transfer, Hyung Suk wakes to find that he is no longer in his usual chubby body, but is instead in a perfect body! Tall, handsome, and beautifully toned, Hyung Suk has become the ideal version of himself. The only problem is that his original body still lays beside him—and when one body falls asleep, he awakens in the other.

Now possessing two extremely different bodies, Hyung Suk must learn to navigate his new and much more popular life at J High whilst also solving the mystery of where his second, almost superhuman, body came from. 

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