Best Christmas Movies To Watch Out For This Year

December 12, 2022 (Last updated: December 15, 2022)
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Few of us can think of anything better on a cold winter’s night than settling down and watching a wholesome Christmas movie with our loved ones. But while there are the obvious classics out there such as Home Alone, Love Actually and the more unconventional favourites such as Die Hard, sometimes we need something new to mix up our winter watching.

With there being so many below average festive flicks released every winter, we have whittled down the best Christmas movies new to our screens this year, so you know what to watch when you settle down for a relaxed evening in.


One of the most highly anticipated new Christmas releases this year, Spirited features Will Ferrell playing the Ghost of Christmas present as he visits Clint Briggs, played by Ryan Reynolds in this musical take on A Christmas Carol. Featuring an all star comedic cast taking on a classic Christmas movie, this is sure to be a film that has something that appeals to everyone. Spirited is guaranteed to be one of the best Christmas films available on Apple TV and in cinemas this year.

Falling for Christmas

New on Netflix UK, Falling for Christmas follows Sierra Belmont, a newly engaged heiress played by Lindsay Lohan, as she wakes up from a skiing accident without her memory, and begins to find true love with someone else in the lead up to Christmas. Although this film contains many cheesy tropes seen in hundreds of past romance films, Falling for Christmas will be perfect for those searching for a wholesome movie about love and festive spirit this winter. 

Violent Night

Violent Night promises to be one of the most unconventional Christmas movies of the year. Stranger Things star David Harbour takes on the role of Santa Claus as he fights to save a wealthy family who has been kidnapped. This will not be your typical Christmas film by a long way, but often films with a unique premise are the ones that we remember, and this one, available in cinemas, is definitely going on our watch list.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Another reimagining of A Christmas Carol, Netflix are bringing this animated take on a Dickens classic to our screens this year. Although this will be massively appealing to a younger audience, this movie has something to offer audiences of all ages with a brilliant script, impeccable animation and a classic plot that follows Scrooge as he tries to rectify his past mistakes. As far as new Christmas movies on Netflix go, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is likely to be a fan favourite this year.

A Christmas Story Christmas

Coming to HBO Max, this A Christmas Story sequel comes 39 years after the original was released. The film follows Peter Billingsley as he gets back into his role of Ralphie, now all grown up, as he takes his family back to his childhood home to relive the Christmas he experienced as a child. This film is set to be great for new viewers, but may have an extra special place for those who experienced the original the first time around, and can revel in the nostalgia this one promises.

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