When does Single’s Inferno season 2 come out?

December 12, 2022 (Last updated: December 14, 2022)
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When does Single’s Inferno season 2 come out? We discuss the popular Korean dating show, its release date, and the history behind the series. 

Single’s Inferno is the dramatically named Korean reality show that was released last winter and followed a Too Hot to Handle style format, with a cast of characters stranded on an island, hoping to couple up and move to the more relaxed Heaven Island, where luxury awaits. In season 1, only four couples out of the twelve attractive singles managed to get there, but the show must have been a hit, as season 2 was eventually announced.

As well as a second season, the show will receive two more episodes this year, going from eight to ten episodes. Now the question on everyone’s mind must be, are there any islands left out there not inhabited by sexy singles?

How many seasons of Single’s Inferno are there?

Single’s Inferno has one successful season under its belt so far, with the second season coming on December 13th, 2022. It is a PG-rated reality TV show that first aired in December 2021. The second season has ten episodes rather than the previous eight and is pretty much a dating show, where the couples have to hook up to move out of the Inferno and into Heaven Island.

Is Single’s Inferno a real dating show?

Yes, this is a real dating show, and pretty much in the same category as Love Island or Too Hot to Handle. The show seems to be a collaboration with Netflix and South Korean cable network JTBC, and both companies have the show labeled as a reality show. With a lot of these types of shows, the issue always arises about the scenarios and how manipulated the contestants are. Have the producers scripted some of the scenes? Have the singles on the island been prompted about when and how to instigate drama? The truth is we will probably never really know how “scripted” these types of shows are unless we go on one.

In my role as a writer on Ready Steady Cut, I have had to take sit through some interesting content, but I will have to draw a line under applying for a reality show on an island to present you, dear reader, with an accurate account of the inner workings of Single’s Inferno. At this point, it must be safe to say that the show is pretty much going to follow similar forays into the genre, and you can read into it what you like.

Are couples from Single’s Inferno still together so far?

Four couples walked away together at the end of season 1. The first pair are Song Ji-ah and Kim Hyeon joong. YouTube content creator Ji-ah and personal trainer Kim seemed to become a couple, but as far as we can tell, neither party has publicly announced they are still together. A post on social media from Ji-ah seemed to allude that the couple has continued to see each other, but nothing has been confirmed.

Moon Se-hoon and Shin Je-yeon finally got together after a rocky start. The pair managed to get away to Heaven Island in the last two episodes of the show and shared a tearful conversation endearing them to viewers. However, again a look at social media does not suggest that the two are still an item.

Ahn Yea-won Kim Jun-sik left as a couple, but once again, it has been difficult to see whether they remain in touch. Jun-sik did display some pictures on Instagram, but they did not seem to imply any relationship was still on.

Kang So-yeon and Oh Jin-taek were the final couple. Jin-taek, in the tailoring business, and So-yeon, a boxing gym owner seemed to play down their relationship on the island, but they picked each other on the show and moved to Heaven Island. Posts on social media show the pair playing tennis together, but unsatisfyingly there is no confirmation that they are a couple.

I suppose that when you are on a show like this, and the object is to get to a more desirable location than where you are, then it is possible to assume that players may get together so they can move on. It is, after all, basically a game show, and perhaps there are some players who will play the game to benefit themselves.

When does Single’s Inferno season 2 come out?

Perhaps these types of shows should be watched purely for entertainment value, and since the second season is due to air on Netflix on December the 13th, 2022, there must be an audience that enjoys this type of content. If you are a fan, then sit back and enjoy.

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