Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 6 release date, time and where to watch

December 13, 2022 (Last updated: December 27, 2022)
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We discuss predictions for the Hulu series Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 6, and include the release date and where to watch online.

We had an explosive episode of Welcome to Chippendales. We had the grand opening of the new club, Nick (Murray Bartlet) and Somen (Kumail Nanjiani) had a snowball fight, and a building ended up in flames. Here is everything that went down in season 1, episode 5.

  • Somen gets fitted for a suit as he is heading to the grand opening of Chippendales in New York.
  • Upon his arrival, Somen is impressed with everything that is going on. From the big crowd to the cool setup and the outlandish show that he ends up loving.
  • Back and forth between Somen and Nick goes subpar, but they head outside, and it’s snowing. Somen had never seen snow before. It led to a snow fight between the two which was fun until it wasn’t. After being pelted repeatedly, Somen pushed Nick and called him a bully.
  • Somen headed home and told a very pregnant Irene that the show was incredible. He loved how big and bold it was, but she reminded him not to get jealous.
  • The show in New York went so well that a producer of the Phil Donahue show was in attendance. Denise got a call that said they wanted Chippendales on the show. Everyone is ELATED.
  • Somen got served papers saying they are getting sued for racial discrimination because of their VIP cards. Irene confronted him, and he lied about the cards.
  • Upon making the appearance on the show, Donahue called Nick Mr. Chippendales, causing a MASSIVE uproar by Somen. Again, we saw Irene calm him down and tell him not to ruin everything they had.
  • Moments after this happened, Ray appears to tell Somen that Nick appeared on another show. Somen calls Nick to confront him, and the duo has a massive blowup. Nick ended the phone call to say it would only get worse.
  • Nick then appears on every single show possibly and has them call him “The Creator and Mr. Chippendale,” further making Somen mad.
  • Irene finds out about the VIP cards and flips out on Somen. He apologizes, and she says she will fix it.
  • Somen attempts to appear on a talk show, and it goes disastrous.
  • On their way home from the talk show, Ray and Somen drive by a new place in town that is having male-strippers. Somen confronted the owner, who laughed in his face at his claim that Chippendales was his baby.
  • At the end of the episode, Somen tells Ray he must prove his loyalty by burning down the man’s club, and he makes it happen.

Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 6 release date and time

Episode 6 is scheduled to release on Hulu on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022, at 12 AM ET. Episode 6 is titled “February 31st” and will have a run time of 42 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Welcome to Chippendales season 1, episode 6, with a subscription to Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • Chippendales continues to thrive in New York.
  • Nick finds out about the lawsuit and flips out on Somen.
  • Questions start to arise about the burning down of the club.
  • Irene and Somen continue to fight.

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