What will the series 1923 be about?

December 14, 2022 (Last updated: December 18, 2022)
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What will the series 1923 be about? We discuss the highly anticipated Paramount series and its overarching premise. 

1923 is a spin-off from the incredibly popular series Yellowstone and offers a look at the Dutton family in the year 1923. The show will highlight a new generation of the family and their struggles to survive through the dangers of lawlessness and drought in the fallout after World War One. The depression and economic recession bring about prohibition and cattle theft. The show will focus on the struggles of the family to maintain their home and survive against the odds.

Is 1923 the sequel to 1883?

1923 looks set to continue filling out the legacy of the Dutton family, so although it introduces us to new characters, it is a sequel to 1883 that will expand the lore and existing canon of the show. The show was originally to be called 1932, but the timeline was changed for narrative reasons.

How many episodes of 1923 will there be?

We have learned that 1923 will have eight episodes, and as is the norm for the show and its spin-offs, each episode will probably run at around the sixty-minute mark. Although yet to be carved in stone, it would also seem that there will be a second season of 1923, which will also have eight episodes.

What will the series 1923 be about?

The series 1923 will serve to flesh out and explore the Dutton family, which is at the center of the phenomenal TV series Yellowstone and explore the early years of Yellowstone Ranch. Created by Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone is a heady mix of drama and adventure and is currently in its fifth season.

The show has really grown in popularity, and viewers have fallen in love with the characters and their ups and downs. With a show such as this, it almost makes sense that prequels would spin off into their own shows, and Yellowstone has launched another prequel, 1883.

With the next installment in this franchise taking place in 1923, forty years after the previous show, it will continue with themes that occurred there. To help tie the two shows together even tighter, Elsa, played by Isabel May, who is a major player in 1883, narrates the opening to 1923 over a clip package of some of the more intense moments from 1883.

It seems that the Dutton family is doomed to be followed by violence and danger in their battle for survival, and it looks as if a war over land is brewing between them and the Whitfields in this new season.

James Dutton was killed chasing thieves, and his brother Jacob, played by Harrison Ford in his TV debut, has taken over the ranch. He is helped by his wife Cara, Helen Mirren, and nephew John Dutton Snr, James Badge Dale, as they try to fight against cattle thieves, land wars, and the threat of an upcoming Great Depression. The season also looks set to tackle some historically accurate events that will impinge on the Duttons, such as the Spanish Flu and the end of World War One.

Why should we watch 1923?

If you are a fan of Yellowstone and 1883, then this series will no doubt be on your must-watch list. Let’s face it, this show should be drawing you in just by looking at the cast that it has attracted, and the mix of adventure and drama in a historical setting is also intriguing. Yellowstone is developing a rich legacy, and it has been compared to shows such as The Sopranos with its rich lore and epic span really making this show something special. The high production values, excellent scripting, and storylines with a stellar cast mean you should get on board with this series as soon as possible.

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