Slow Horses season 2, episode 5 release date, time and where to watch

December 16, 2022 (Last updated: December 23, 2022)
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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Slow Horses season 2, episode 5, and include the release date and where to watch online.

In episode 4River (Jack Lowden) finds himself face-to-face with Dickie Bough’s killer, a Russian spy. Meanwhile, the rest of the Slough House gang tries to unravel the Russian saga on their own separate missions. Lamb and Shirley (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) stake out Nevsky’s place, Louisa (Rosalind Eleazar) interrogates Pashkin (Alec Utgoff), and Standish (Saskia Reeves) gets involved in the whole conspiracy herself. It’s another solid installment, with enough humor and tension to appease fans of the series. Here’s what happened in episode four of Slow Horses season 2:

  • Lamb questions Rebecca, the woman who was involved in the car crash that supposedly killed Min. She confesses to everything. She saw Pashkin’s security attack Min and run him over with her own car. Then Andre finished him off, tapping him with poison.
  • River and Leo (aka Andre) chat at the meal. The guests are suspicious of one another but keep the chat friendly. River places his phone in Leo’s coat pocket as he leaves and tracks the killer. Roddy traces Leo’s car to the Flying Club. River gives chase, whilst Duncan and Kelly follow after him too.
  • Louisa pockets a knife and meets with Pashkin. She wants to torture him, but Marcus stops her from doing so at the last minute.
  • Lamb breaks into Nikolai’s office and the ex-KGB member explains how he was hired as a distraction. Roddy informs Lamb of Min’s final whereabouts. Lamb goes to the industrial estate, where Min saw Pashkin’s security guards collect a package. Details of this transaction have been wiped though.
  • Lamb and Shirley park outside Nevsky’s mansion, but no guards come to interrogate them. They find the gate and his front door open, and then his guards dead in the kitchen. Shirley finds Nevsky dead by the pool. He was pumped with a radioactive chemical, and then he shot himself in the head. Lamb believes Pashkin is behind this assassination as well. They worry that they are now infected too.
  • Standish meets with Victor Krymov, who wants to trade a story for a story. She gets personal about her drinking problem, but his story isn’t as forthcoming in return. Standish has been played.
  • Lamb orders Louisa to stand down and attend the meeting tomorrow as if everything is fine. He is going to the Park to see Diana Taverner in the meantime.
  • River finds Nikolai and Andre loading a plane with bomb-making materials. Kelly’s mother Alex shows up and sees River pointing a gun at them. They all play dumb, but River isn’t fooled. He tells Alex to phone the police, but she tasers him instead.

Slow Horses season 2, episode 5 release date and time

Episode 5 is scheduled to release on Apple TV+ on Friday, December 23rd, 2022, at 12 am PT.  Episode 5 is titled “Boardroom Politics” and will have a run time of 42 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Slow Horses season 2, episode 5 with a subscription to Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • The Russian spies will take off in their plane, whilst Kelly’s family keeps River behind as a hostage. They will get their information from him and then prepare to kill him. Can the Slough House gang save River before he is murdered?
  • Lamb and Shirley will reconvene at Slough House and realize that communication with River has gone suspiciously quiet. Lamb will send Shirley into the field to save River.
  • The all-important meeting will go by uneventfully, but Pashkin will hint at his wrongdoings, provoking Louisa. She will in turn play her own hand and reveal her true feelings. Will Louisa be taken prisoner as a result of this or will she incriminate the Russians herself?

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