Is Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

December 21, 2022 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Is Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf: The Movie? We discuss the highly anticipated Paramount Plus movie and the role of Dylan O’Brien’s character. 

Fans of the Teen Wolf were over the moon when they learned their favorite supernatural creatures would be back in action in a new movie from Paramount Plus. With a lot of the old cast returning to reprise their roles, there does seem to be one discrepancy, and it’s in the form of Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles has been a staple in the franchise for a long time, and his character is pivotal in the narrative. Stiles was Scott McCall’s best friend, and the first to know of his powers, and managed to keep Scott focused and grounded in the real world.

Stiles also has a background in investigation, with his father being a police officer, so he had plenty of skills to offer. By season three, Stiles found himself in hot water, possessed by The Nogitsune, he was responsible for people being killed, a guilt that he carries with him.

By season five, relationships with his closest friends have begun to deteriorate through the stress of dealing with their enemies, and Stiles finds himself on the fringes. Still, by the end of the arc, he manages to reconcile with Scott. Stiles is accepted into George Washington University in Washington to take part in the pre-FBI program, leading to a confrontation in Beacon Hills. The character is played by actor Dylan Rhodes O’Brien, in his first major role. He appeared in all six seasons of the show, although in season six, his appearances were limited. He went on to appear in the Maze Runner film franchise and, more recently, in 2020, was in the movie Love and Monsters.

Why is Dylan O’Brien not in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Actor Dylan O’Brien is very positive when discussing his role in Teen Wolf. Although he obviously loved his time with the series and speaks fondly of his friendships with other cast members. His other work and career have meant that he had to reduce his appearances in the final season, and he feels that the time was right for him to leave the franchise completely. In a recent article with Variety, he says, “Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me, and I still want to leave it there. I wish them well, and I’m going to watch it the first night it comes out. I hope it f*****g kicks a*s, but I’m not going to be in it.”

Sometimes an actor just needs to move on.

Is Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Bad news for Stiles fans, as actor Dylan O’Brien has confirmed that he will not be in Teen Wolf: The Movie. However, the creator of the series Jeff Davis recently stated that although Dylan would not be in the film, Stiles would still play a part in the narrative. In a recent interview, Davis would reassure fans that Stiles would not be ignored in the screenplay and would not be recast either.

We imagine that Stiles’ presence would be referenced and written around, and his relationships with the other cast would be acknowledged. In the series, Stiles is in a relationship with Lydia, and that will have to be addressed. The question though is how will they do this?

What will happen to Stiles in Teen Wolf?

This will just be speculation, as the finer details of the film have not been released. It seems that there will be a returning supernatural threat for Scott and his pack to contend with. A powerful evil force is returning to Beacon Hills, Scott needs to pull everyone together to help battle against this returning evil, but where is Stiles? After all he has gone through, Scott may not want to drag him back into this battle, and they may just write him out, although it seems he is still with Lydia, so perhaps there could be a small cameo from Stiles at some point? If so, they have kept this very quiet, but I don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes. Davis has consistently said that his presence will be felt, so perhaps there could be some reused footage or flashbacks, it is hard to tell what they will do. In the meantime, the fact that a new film has been made at all with so many of the original cast is very impressive, and although he will be missed, we should not diminish the other cast members who have returned to this project.

What does the creator of Teen Wolf: The Movie say about Dylan O’Brien’s absence?

Jeff Davis has said in various different outlets that although Dylan is not in the film, Stiles still has a part to play. An interview with Collider had Davis say, “Yeah, well, what we do is we don’t ignore it, but we reference it. I think we can’t do the movie without paying tribute to the character Stiles. So he comes up in more than one situation.”

It should also be noted that Stiles’ jeep has been spotted in the trailer, and the creative team went out of their way to get that vehicle specifically for shooting the film.

2 thoughts on “Is Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

  • December 23, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    I’m disappointed that Stiles won’t be involved. He was a big part of making the show a success. I’m really disappointed that Arden Cho will not be involved. Especially since the threat they are facing seems as if it would involve her fox abilities. She was also a very important part of Scotts life and a very main part of the show for a few seasons. Doesn’t make sense too me, but hey I’m going to watch and hope for the best!

  • December 24, 2022 at 11:39 am

    I cannot wait to watch the movie. My niece and I used to DVR and watch the show from MTV together. I am disapppinted to hear no Stiles, but I am super excited to see more of the Beacon Hills wolf pack!

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