Stuck with You ending explained – how do Gael and Hannah get out of the elevator?

December 29, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Stuck with You, which will contain spoilers.

Netflix has a French film set on New Year’s Eve called Stuck on You. The hour-long movie explores a somewhat overdone trope. According to Netflix, the plot synopsis is, “En route to a party, two strangers get stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve — and find themselves connecting in unexpected ways.” While the film could have been engaging if the actors involved had good chemistry, it, unfortunately, falls flat.

From my review of Ready Steady Cut:

The trope of strangers getting stuck in an elevator and having revelations about their lives or forming a strong bond is one that’s been a bit overdone. It’s not that it can’t still be done well (though will anything top the scene with Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail?), but it requires compelling actors and a unique take. Unfortunately, the new French film Stuck with You doesn’t quite hit the mark and never captures the magic that such a premise depends upon.

Most of the action of the film takes place inside the elevator in which Gael and Hannah are stuck (or in their memories), leaving one question: Do they make it out in time for the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve?

Stuck with You ending explained

As their time stuck in the elevator stretches on, Gael and Hannah start to share more about their lives with each other. When they overhear Gael’s girlfriend (who is inexplicably named Prune) cheating on him just outside the elevator, he opens up about the issues in their relationship as she has become a successful lawyer, and his career as a writer, actor, and comedian is going nowhere. Meanwhile, Hannah has shared that her father had a brain aneurysm when she was a little girl, and she was with him when he died.

Both Hannah and Gael are surprised when the elevator doors suddenly open to the actual hallway and they’re able to get out. The woman that Gael ran into earlier who wouldn’t hold the door to the building open for him is the one who called to get help for them. As they part ways to go to their separate parties where their significant others are waiting for them, they resolve to do better. Gael says that he will “Stop talking, start doing” while Hannah vows to, “Trust people.”

Instead of exchanging numbers, they agree to trust that they’ll bump into each other again and enter the doors across from each other from which electronic music is flowing. But as the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins, Gael and Hannah leave their parties and meet again in the hallway. They have already broken up with their partners – which either happened very quickly and abruptly or the passage of time isn’t shown well in the film.

The couple kiss and agree to start a romance, though suggesting “Let’s take the stairs this time” on their way out. It’s definitely the inevitable ending that the film was working towards, though I wish that they’d gone a less predictable route. It would have been more interesting if the two had decided to be friends and try to fix their relationships or vow to find partners that are a better fit for each of them, rather than trying to solve their relationship issues by getting together.

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