10 TV Shows like Slow Horses you must watch

December 30, 2022
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We discuss 10 TV Shows like Slow Horses you must watch. Add these recommendations to your watch list. 

The first two seasons of the Apple Original series Slow Horses are now available to watch on the streaming service. The critically acclaimed series, starring Gary Oldman, is known for mixing spy-thriller action sequences with dead-pan British sarcasm. If you are searching for a new show with a similar style to Slow Horses, then look no further. Here is a list of ten recommendations to add to your watch list that includes both rip-roaring espionage action and hilarious wit.

10 TV Shows like Slow Horses you must watch

The Americans (2013 – 2018)

One of the most revered spy dramas around, The Americans ran for six seasons, winning countless awards during its initial release. The FX series, from Joseph Weisberg, was set during the Cold War, following a married KGB couple who posed as American citizens, living in Washington, DC. The Russian agents were played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell. Slow Horses also involves a complex narrative about Russian spies and includes plenty of double-crossing espionage action too. Available on Disney+ in the UK.

Spooks (2002 – 2011)

BBC’s MI5 spy drama has obvious connections to Slow Horses, mainly in the genre and settings. This staple of British TV garnered ten seasons and a movie, which goes some way to highlight the show’s surprising popularity. Created by David Wolstencroft, this stylized spy thriller starred many British talents, including Matthew Macfadyen (Succession), Keeley Hawes, and David Oyelowo. American viewers can watch this on BritBox, whilst it is available on Prime Video in the UK.

Killing Eve (2018 – 2022)

Comedy and captivating espionage meld together in this highly successful spy thriller from the BBC. The Eve of the title is played by Sandra Oh, a British intelligence investigator, who finds herself caught up in a case to capture the villainous Villanelle, played stunningly by Jodie Comer, in her breakout role. The chemistry between these two leads is hard to beat and the series starts off with an exceptional premise as these two leads grow ever closer together. Filmmakers Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) and Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman) got their big breaks on this series too. Like Slow Horses, it is well-written and expertly acted.

Brassic (2019 – present)

Sky is one of those companies that seem to get forgotten about when discussing modern TV, but they are still producing quality content behind the scenes. Brassic is one of their greatest achievements, a British comedy series about a group of friends who commit crimes to get by. The show is led by This Is England star Joe Gilgun, who is also the co-creator, and the series also co-stars Dominic West (The Crown) as Dr. Chris Cox. It has been praised for its humor and grimy authenticity.

Tehran (2020 – present)

Another Apple Original based in the spy thriller genre, this award-winning Israeli set saga promises exceptional storytelling and tense sequences. The tale focuses on a Mossad agent working undercover in her hometown of Tehran. The second season introduced British agent Marjan Montazami, played by Hollywood legend Glenn Close. This one may not be a laugh-riot, but it still supplies ample espionage action for those looking for more agent antics on their TV viewing schedule.

The Outlaws (2021 – present)

A BBC and Prime Video co-production, The Outlaws comes from the superb comedian and filmmaker Stephen Merchant, best known for The Office and Extras. This crime comedy centers on a gang of strangers forced to complete community service together in Bristol city. They struggle to get along and soon find themselves caught up in more crime than they ever imagined. Hilarious and surprisingly tense, this works as a more vibrant and uplifting crime caper compared to Slow Horses’ darker palette.

Chuck (2007 – 2012)

Zachary Levi stars as Chuck Bartowski in NBC’s much-loved, action-comedy series. The show aired for five seasons, exploring the shenanigans of a computer geek, who accidentally downloads government secrets into his brain. Everyone seems out to utilize Chuck’s new powers as he tries to navigate his way through life. Critics enjoyed Chuck’s charming humor and entertaining action moments. Available in full on Prime Video in the UK and HBO Max in the States.

Andor (2022 – present)

A Disney+ Star Wars spin-off series may seem like an odd choice, but Andor uses espionage narration to tell its overarching story, working as a political spy thriller that just so happens to be set in the Star Wars universe as well. Andor is a thief-turned-Rebel spy battling the Galactic Empire in the lead-up to the events that transpired in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope respectively. Diego Luna plays the titular role in this action-packed original, which may be the best Star Wars TV show out there.

Archer (2009 – present)

The longest-running series on the list, Archer has delivered thirteen seasons so far for FX. The adult animation series from Adam Reed revolves around a dysfunctional New York-based intelligence agency that features Sterling Archer within its roster. This womanizing protagonist is voiced by Harry Jon Benjamin. Another Cold War-style espionage thriller, the show mixes black comedy and spy parody to offer something entirely unique to the genre.

Small Axe (2020)

Steve McQueen’s anthology series explores racial discrimination surrounding the lives of West Indian immigrants in London in the late sixties, seventies, and early eighties. Separated into five feature-length stories, Small Axe is a powerful and moving work of art that will hit you right in the gut. Slow Horses star Jack Lowden can be seen in the premiere episode “Mangrove”, which looks at a historical protest that turned into a riot and then the subsequent trial that followed in the seventies. Another frustrating, but important example of police brutality and systemic racism, this BBC drama is also available on Prime Video.

Do you have any other recommendations for TV Shows like Slow Horses? Let us know!

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