Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue” Recap

January 1, 2023
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“Blue” felt like a minor setback in the overall series that wasn’t fully fleshed out enough to be good.

We recap the Netflix series Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue,” which contains significant spoilers.

Please note that episodes are in random order for each viewer for this series. Check out our Correct Order of Episodes for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate through Kaleidoscope, we move to the episode titled “Blue.” The first four episodes I watched were Yellow,” “Green,” “Orange,” and Violet.” In “Violet,” we saw the backstory of Leo (Giancarlo Esposito) and Roger’s (Rufus Sewell) relationship and why this heist is so meaningful. 

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue” Recap

It’s five days before the heist. So now we see Leo breaking down the job and saying it will take seven jobs to complete to pull this heist off. If any of them fail, the job is over, and the mission is failed. He proceeds to go over every single job and the stakes within each of them. Of course, while he is going over the steps, we are witnessing Roger going through each motion with someone.

In his office, Roger gets a text message from someone that says, “congrats on the big fish” from a number he didn’t recognize. Then, we have the crew coming together to have a good time while Leo does some recon work and gets the facial recognition activated. Next, each of the crew starts to talk about their post-heist plans. While Judy talks about her plans, Stan makes a sly remark at Bob, which sets him completely off. Bob mentions the moment they get their hands on the bonds, they will take them all.

A little bit later, Roger meets with the owners of the bonds, and they say they want to move them. Next, Roger gets a call from a mystery number with a voice changer saying nothing of his is safe, including his vault. He freaks out and gets Hannah on the case. However, Roger gets another call that says they want 4.3 million. After that, he was having some eye issues, and Hannah got him an eye exam which we see it’s Stan scanning his face. This was brilliant.

Ava arrives to tell Leo that the backdoor is closed. She mentions that they have to shut it down. He says he can’t stand to see Roger living his life with a family and kids without any recourse. Next, we see Roger confront a former employee who was trying to hold him up for the money, and he says he has one chance, and that’s it. As he was about to walk out, Andrew couldn’t resist pushing him further and said 4.3 million in three days or he would make some phone calls. As you can imagine, this leads to Roger’s right-hand man showing up and killing Andrew.

We move to a sauna, where Roger is talking to Leo (he doesn’t know it’s him). As he is about to wrap a towel around his neck, Roger says something that triggers a thought in his head, so he puts the towel around his head and leaves. He goes back to say that they are going to do the “hurricane” plan. We see a demonstration from Judy on what Leo is talking about. Leo says they will use the underground tunnels to blow things up to open the backdoor back up.

Ending Explained

All of this leads to a montage of the team working on making things happen. It included Bob showing Stan how to do the second safe because his second hand isn’t ready. Next, FBI agent Nazan finds Toby to tell him Ava let her know that the heist is happening tonight and that they need to get set up to take them down. Finally, as the episode comes to a close, the owners of the bonds call Roger to let him know that they know everything about them. After the storm, they are moving the bonds out.

While the pieces moved together, this was easily the worst episode so far in the season. I felt like they could’ve done a better job of laying out the entire use of the hurricane to explain it a little better, and it also felt like certain pieces moved quite fast. Again, not a bad episode, but one that didn’t seem on par with the others.

What did you think of Netflix’s Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Blue”? Comment below.

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