Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Violet” Recap

January 1, 2023
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“Violet” is a brilliantly laid-out episode that shows the stakes of why Leo is attempting this heist and why it’s so important to him.

We recap the Netflix series Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Violet,” which contains significant spoilers.

Please note that episodes are in random order for each viewer for this series. Check out our Correct Order of Episodes for Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

As we navigate our way through Kaleidoscope, we have moved to the episode titled “Violet.” The first three episodes I watched were Yellow,” Green,” and Orange.” As we move to “Orange,” we see plenty happen, including the FBI getting ahold of Ava (Paz Vega) and flipping her into potentially being a person on the inside. So now that Ava is back with the crew, what does that mean for the overall team? Let’s dive in. 

Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Violet” Recap

The title card pops up where it says it’s 24 years before the heist. Leo narrates, talking about his choices for his wife and daughter, and he wants to stop but doesn’t know if he can. Then, we see Roger discussing business with a man at a bar, where they see some women while Leo is doing a heist of his own. At this point, we find out that Roger and Leo used to work together, which, if you were paying attention, we knew there was history but wasn’t sure what it was.

Post-heist, Leo realized how close he was to possibly dying or not getting out of the safe because Roger mentioned that he wouldn’t have been able to get him out of it. So, Leo arrives home to give his wife a bracelet, sees a young Hannah (his daughter), and takes her to breakfast. It’s when we discover the backstory of how Hannah and Leo started a little game where they see a family and have to dissect their story. It’s a cute little game. While at breakfast, Roger calls him and says they have a Vegas job.

Moments later, when he tries to fence the jewelry he just got to Ava, she talks about how they have a huge job ahead. Then, Leo goes home to speak to his wife about stopping, but she asks the million-dollar question of if he can stop. Next, Roger and his girlfriend show up for dinner. Of course, Leo presents the idea to Roger of quitting, but he retorts by slowing down instead. Finally, Leo tells him he is done for good, but Roger doesn’t take it so well.

Now that Leo is out, he opens a car place, but things aren’t going so well financially. Once his wife and Hannah leave, Roger shows up to talk to him. And let me pause for a moment to talk about this overbearing score that is annoying because it’s too loud. They are trying to speak, and the score is so loud you can barely hear them. It’s a common theme throughout the show that bugs me. Roger tells Leo he is in for over 200 thousand and needs help to get out of trouble.

Leo arrives at the club to see his wife, and the receptionist gives him a little trouble. However, he overhears Hannah screaming, leading to a big confrontation with Leo and Leo’s wife’s boss. She gets fired, and Leo finds himself back with Roger talking about the next job. Leo goes to the office to tell Lilly about the job, but before he can, she stops him and says they got this and didn’t worry about anything.

Ending Explained

While at home, Lily gets a call from her old boss saying she must come to work. Of course, they need the money, so she goes to a place where Leo attempts to do a heist. When changing out the first diamonds, we see Lily arrive to find out what she needs to do. However, the job is taking a bit long, and Roger can’t stop them, so Leo has to hide, and the security guard busts Leo, but Roger comes to save the day. They take down the guard, and Roger starts a fire to buy them some time.

However, as he goes outside, Leo notices that Lily’s car is outside and rushes back inside to get her. Unfortunately, we see her caught in the fire, and he can’t get to her, but he makes eye contact with Roger, who can get to her, but Roger leaves. Finally, we find out why this heist’s stakes are so high because Roger ran instead of saving Leo’s wife. While at the hospital, Leo sees the cops arrive and gives a little speech to Hannah that leads to her introducing her to Ava and going with her, and never looking back. What a moment, what an episode.

What did you think of Netflix’s  Kaleidoscope Season 1 Episode “Violet”? Comment below.

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  • January 10, 2023 at 5:09 pm

    How did the cops find out it was him at the hospital at end of violet episode?

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