Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

January 5, 2023
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We discuss predictions for the HBO Max series Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 7 and include the release date and where to watch online.

Episode six, “Hope Patrol” marks the concluding chapter in part one of the fourth season, ending proceedings on a mid-season cliffhanger. In this installment, the Doom Patrol revert back to their normal ages and plan their next line of attack. The enemy is after their immortality and grows stronger with every individual that it claims. Rita (April Bowlby) and Jane (Diane Guerrero) have lost their longevity already, leaving only Cliff (Brendan Fraser) and Larry (Matt Bomer) left. The mid-season finale is another convoluted mess of an episode, that feels rather rushed and amateurish compared to other projects coming from the HBO heavyweights. Here’s what happened in episode six of Doom Patrol:

  • Jane awakens as her normal age but finds wrinkles and graying hair. She thinks Bunbury stole her longevity and asks Cliff for help battling the deadly bunny. Cliff doesn’t want to get involved though and refuses to support his friend.
  • Rita and Rouge awaken at a bus stop. Rouge wants to investigate project Immortus down at the Bureau and reinstates Rita as the Doom Patrol leader.
  • Larry is taken prisoner in the magical realm of Orqwith. Mr. 104 rescues him though and takes him back to the Manor. Cliff confronts Mr. 104, but he urges the superheroes that he wants to stop Immortus now. Keeg then forces Larry and Mr. 104 back into Orqwith.
  • Jane visits the Underground and then Shelley, but can’t bring herself to kiss the woman.
  • Rita and Rouge infiltrate the Ant Farm, where they hunt for clues. Rouge thinks Wally Sage is behind it all and they head to his cell. Rita loses control of her powers and starts to melt again, engulfing Wally in her goo.
  • Vic and Deric return to the Manor and enter the portal. They have a heart-to-heart as they search for their friends in this odd world.
  • Cliff apologizes to Jane and they hold hands. Willoughby shows up, pleading with them for help. The enemy has attacked and taken Bunbury. They now need to protect Cliff’s longevity at all costs. Jane and Cliff don’t trust Willoughby though and leave.
  • Vic and Deric realize that you can create anything you desire in this realm and build a robot. The enemy kills the robot and takes them hostage though. Cliff and Jane turn up and are taken prisoner as well.
  • Keeg shows Larry a vision of his future, proposing that they give Immortus their longevity in return for a wish. Larry accepts and they drain his longevity from his body.
  • The cloaked figures descend the temple steps. The leader reveals himself to be Wally Sage.
  • As Cliff is taken prisoner, he is reminded that he’s left the freezer door open, unleashing the zombie butts on the world once again.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 7 Release Date and Time

There is no official release date or time for Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 7 just yet, but we will keep you posted on the release schedule of season 4, part two, as soon as it becomes available.

Where to watch online

Viewers can catch Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 7, with a subscription to HBO Max, in the coming months.


  • Wally only needs Cliff’s longevity to have a full set. The gang must stop him from taking Cliff’s longevity or all is lost. The only members of the gang that are not taken prisoner are Rita and Rouge, who are now their only hope.
  • Rita and Rouge must escape the Bureau and help their friends before it is too late. They will more than likely escape under a disguise and return to the Manor, where they will find Willoughby. He will explain the dire situation to them.
  • Mr. 104 could come to the rescue and may open up a new portal for Rita and Rouge to enter from. Together this trio will attack the temple and try to free Cliff from Wally’s evil clutches.
  • The escaped zombie butt will start to attack and infect the local population. A pandemic will soon start to spread across the globe while the Doom Patrol are over in Orqwith.

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