Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – what does Olivia have on Michael?

January 15, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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“Part 11” is a promising start to the second season, as it lays the groundwork for the corruption and manipulation that lies ahead.

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“Part 11” is a promising start to the second season, as it lays the groundwork for the corruption and manipulation that lies ahead.

We recap the Showtime series Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1, “Part 11,” which contains spoilers.

In December 2020, the first season of the crime drama Your Honor, based on the Israeli television series Kvodo, was released on Showtime. Though met with mixed reviews, the ten-episode installment was harrowing to watch, with a mind-blowing season finale that left viewers in utter shock after Adam was brutally murdered. Season 2 focuses on the aftermath of Adam’s death, with revenge, corruption, and the intertwining stories of the characters’ lives as key focuses in this promising second season.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The first episode opens with Michael in prison. He refuses to eat in hopes of starving himself because he no longer feels that life is worth living. Although the prison doctor offers him a nutritional supplement to consume due to his deteriorating state, he doesn’t drink it, so the guards restrain him and force-feed him to keep him alive. In a flashback to Adam’s shooting, Eugene flees the scene on foot after realizing his mistake. Carlo, who figures out he is the intended target, chases Eugene through the busy streets of New Orleans. As Carlo pulls out his gun to kill Eugene, dozens of cop cars pass him as they rush to the scene of Adam’s murder. This distracts Carlo and results in him losing sight of Eugene.

Big Mo calls Jimmy to inform him that Eugene’s attempt at murdering Carlo was not constructed by her and was, instead, his plan to seek revenge on Carlo for killing Kofi. Jimmy demands she hands Eugene over to him, but Big Mo is unsure of his whereabouts. After her men finally locate him, Big Mo speaks to Eugene about the significant friction and backlash his crime has created with the Baxters. After the conversation, Little Mo asks her what she plans to do with Eugene, to which she answers that there’s only one option.

Meanwhile, Michael is frequently visited in prison by psychiatrists who assess him to see if he is a threat to himself, but he refuses to engage with any of them. A federal prosecutor named Olivia comes to visit him, and after briefly introducing herself, she asks Michael for assistance in bringing down the Baxter family. After everything Michael has been through, he has no interest and refuses her proposal, but she seems adamant about his involvement in the plan.

Detective Nancy Costello plays Judge Huntview Michael’s full confession and informs him that she took Michael into custody the previous day. On the recording, Michael admits to throwing the Kofi case in Carlo’s favor to protect Adam after Jimmy found out that he was the one who was responsible for his son’s death. Olivia, who is also present in the room and sees the case as part federal due to the Baxters’ involvement, asks Nancy and the judge to eradicate Michael’s confession.

Carlo drives to Eugene’s neighborhood to locate him and asks a few men on the streets if they know where he is. This results in the kidnapping of Carlo, as the men are part of Big Mo’s crew, and he isn’t welcome in their territory. After having some choice words with Carlo, Big Mo calls Jimmy to inform him that she has his son. Though he remains unharmed and is later dropped back to his house by the gang, this is Big Mo’s way of sending Jimmy the message that she can be dangerous and that they should remain on good terms with one another.

It’s also revealed that Fia had a child since Adam’s death, and he is the father. To learn more about her former boyfriend, she writes letters to Michael while he’s in prison, but all of them go unanswered. She later visits the jail to see Michael in person and tries to tell him about his grandchild, but she doesn’t get the chance as he tells her to leave him alone.

Across town, Little Mo drives Eugene to the bus stop, giving him cash and an address to travel to. He tells him to leave town for good and never return to New Orleans. When Big Mo talks to Little Mo on the phone, he informs her that Eugene accidentally got away.

Ending Explained

Charlie and Officer Rudy meet up with Big Mo in the hopes that she will turn in Eugene so they can get a killer off the streets, and look good to the locals, especially with an upcoming election. Big Mo tells them that though she isn’t going to hand over Eugene, she can promise he will never be seen again. She then suggests they pretend to the town that Eugene is dead and they can use another body to pass as his. Before parting ways, Big Mo hands them one of Eugene’s items to make the staged murder using another body appear more believable.

At the morgue, Rudy pays off the technician for a body that somewhat resembles Eugene’s and places the personal item of his that Big Mo gave him with the body. Charlie later reveals on the news that Eugene has been found and that he is no longer alive.

Olivia revisits Michael in prison, but again, he refuses to help her bring down the Baxter family. However, Olivia uses Michael’s confession as leverage against him. On a tape recorder she has in her possession, she plays a part of the audio where Michael admits that his friend Charlie, who is currently running to be mayor, helped him get rid of his car from the hit-and-run incident involving Adam. As this makes Charlie an unknowing participant in the crime, Olivia stresses that if Michael doesn’t help her, she will expose the truth, which could ruin Charlie’s career and result in jail time.

In the closing scene, we see Michael leaving the prison and entering the real world again. Just as he steps outside the gates, he receives a call from Olivia, who tells him that he did the right thing.

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