Will there be a Sonic Prime season 2? [Update Jan 20]

January 20, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a season 2 of Sonic Prime on Netflix and its renewed and canceled status. This article contains spoilers.

Sonic the Hedgehog has always been somewhat of an underdog when compared to his counterpart Mario, but in recent years the character has seen an uptick in his success. The two live-action films, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, are considered to be among the better video game movies, and Sonic’s first tentative step into open-world gaming has been met with mild praise.

Sonic Prime, however, sees the character return to animation, and the latest series to feature the blue hedgehog that’s gotta go fast has been met with some praise and has audiences wondering if the show will be returning for a season two.

What’s the plot for Sonic Prime?

Sonic Prime jumps onto the multiverse trend that’s starting to dominate film and TV shows, with Dr. Eggman discovering the powerful Paradox Prism, which sends Sonic to a parallel world called New Yoke City. This nightmarish version of Sonic’s home is ruled by the Chaos Council, a body made up of Dr. Eggman variants.

Sonic must enlist the help of resistance fighters from the city, who are all versions of Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. Throughout the series, Sonic finds himself traveling to many different multiverses, called Shatterverses here, all of which he has to save from the plans of the Chaos Council.

Are the reviews good for Sonic Prime?

Reviews for Sonic Prime have mostly been positive, though they aren’t gushing about it with enthusiasm.

Ready Steady Cut praised the easy-to-understand story that’s full of energy but had some clunky back-and-forth between universes. IGN spoke highly about the series’ fresh and fun take on a familiar franchise while still being an entertaining jaunt down memory lane but criticized its pacing. Game Rant applauded the action, saying that it feels appropriately fast, has compelling choreography, and each character has a distinct fighting style and that the show felt very repetitive and the cast wasn’t anything to write home about.

But those at Collider weren’t a fan of the series, saying the series had a repetitive story and lackluster animation and called it a “multiverse misfire.”

Will there be a Sonic Prime season 2?

Sonic Prime hasn’t been renewed for season 2 yet. Netflix likes to wait a while to gauge the viewing statistics for any given show, including how many people watch it initially and seeing how big the drop-off rate is. For some shows, this process can happen incredibly quickly; for others, it takes a while.

Netflix also factors in audience and critic reactions, which have been mostly positive for the show.

Sonic Prime ends on a cliffhanger, with the conflict set up between Sonic and the Chaos Council not solved by the end of season 1.

When Netflix announced the show back in February 2021, they said the show would have 24 episodes, though there are only eight on the service so far. This would lend to the idea that another eight will be released as a season 2 and the final eight as a season three.

What’s On Netflix, spoke to Sonic Prime executive producer Logan McPherson, and he teased a season 2:

“Yes, that is not the end of the story and we have made more episodes. I don’t have any details about when exactly they might launch but you can expect them in the not-too-distant future. The story continues to build and stretches Sonic to his limits both physically and emotionally, so you can expect a wild ride and a lot of fun to come!!”

At this moment in time, Sonic Prime has 8 episodes in total after one season. 

More Episodes of Sonic Prime are coming!

On January 18th, 2023, Sonic the Hedgehog Official Twitter Account confirmed there will be more episodes coming out in 2023. The tweet did not confirm if this will be part of Season 2 or an extension of Season 1.

At this moment in time, there’s no release date.

When is season 2 of Sonic Prime coming out?

While there is no official release date for Sonic Prime season 2 yet, rumors suggest it will be released in May or June 2023.

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