Do Lockwood & Lucy get together in Lockwood and Co?

January 29, 2023
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This article discusses whether Lockwood and Lucy get together in Lockwood and Co and contains spoilers for the first season.

Netflix’s latest smash-hit supernatural teen drama Lockwood & Co. is primarily about a three-way relationship, the titular agency that comprises the handsome but enigmatic Anthony Lockwood, the extremely gifted Lucy Carlyle, and the bookish but somewhat naïve George Karim. And yet, in pretty standard fashion when you put good-looking youngsters in a show together, viewers are focusing primarily on just two of these characters and their potential relationship going forwards.

In other words, fans want to know whether Lockwood and Lucy get together – you know, romantically.

How do Lockwood and Lucy meet?

Lucy Carlyle first meets Anthony Lockwood after she heads to London and applies for a job at his namesake agency. Lucy is fleeing a botched operation for the Fittes Agency that resulted in the deaths of her entire team, her best friend Norrie becoming “Ghost Locked”, and her reputation being left in tatters thanks to the mismanagement of her cowardly superior, Jacobs. Lockwood & Co. seems like an enticing proposition since it isn’t state-sponsored and is controlled entirely by the kids.

Throughout the season, Anthony and Lucy (and George!) become embroiled in some interconnected mysteries involving the murder of a former Hollywood starlet by a jealous lover, and the search for a magical bone glass mirror. During that time they begin to understand each other better. Lucy and Anthony both realize that the former is much more powerful and talented than she first appeared, while the latter begins to develop a sense of selflessness and eventually begins to reckon with the trauma that has shaped his current persona.

Do Lucy and Lockwood get together in Lockwood and Co?

Lucy and Lockwood have a lot of chemistry. Through each other, they’re able to better understand themselves, and it’s obvious by the end of the season that they have some kind of feelings for one another.

However, these are still kids, at the end of the day, and not only that they’re kids who fight ghosts for a living. Lockwood & Co. isn’t shy about pointing out how the trauma of this existence is difficult for the kids to deal with, and so processing their own feelings is something that they have to navigate in their own time – and without much help.

So, while Lucy and Lockwood are both pretty advanced for their age in many respects, they’re also crucially immature in others, and simply realizing what they feel for each other, let alone doing anything about it, is something that both will find difficult to do.

However, as the show progresses, this almost certainly seems to be where things are heading. Lockwood gets jealous when Quill Kipps asks Lucy out for coffee and admits this to her later. He also volunteers to reveal more of himself to both Lucy and George by showing them what is behind the mysterious locked door in his house. We don’t get to see what that is, but we understand that it’s crucial to his backstory and will no doubt be a significant component of his learning to open up. And if he can do that, why not open himself up to Lucy?

So, no, Lucy and Lockwood don’t end up together. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually, especially given the show’s sudden popularity means that Netflix is virtually guaranteed to greenlight a second season.

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