Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – what happens to Bunny in prison?

January 29, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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A surprisingly uneventful installment that rushes by at a fast pace. “Five at Five” lacks the twists and the emotional connections noticeable in the previous episodes but still manages to intrigue with a slow-building narrative, one that promises exciting drama to come.

We recap the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 3, “Five at Five,” which contains spoilers.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 2 ended with the four most powerful gang leaders entering tent city, the makeshift prison. As Crips leader Bunny (Tobi Bamtefa) walked into the grounds, he was met with many grimacing stares, clearly, he has a lot of enemies. “Five at Five” continues Mike McLusky’s (Jeremy Renner) plans to restore peace to Kingstown as Bunny attempts to regain some control on the inside. Whilst on the outside, Mike hunts for Iris (Emma Laird), who has gone missing. Both Bunny and Mike are used to getting their own way, but their luck is about to run out this time around.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode opens with Russian mobster Milo checking up on Iris. She’s finally returned to him, looking for a new home and presumably new work. It isn’t long before Iris is back in her old line of work. In the meantime, Mike is worried sick and can’t seem to find her wherever he looks. He’s fully aware that if Iris ends up in the wrong hands, she’ll either end up dead or wish that she was.

Why is Mike angry about the raid?

Adding to Mike’s worries, the police department decided to raid Bunny’s grandmother’s home. Mike needs Bunny on his side, but Ian and the gang seem intent on destroying any and all of his bonds. Mike drives to the police station to confront Ian and Stevie in person, unafraid to kick-up a fuss outside their building. He demands that they stop raiding Bunny’s places, they need Bunny on their side after all. Ian defends the Force, stating that they had no choice and were very respectful during the raid. Mike couldn’t care less; he knows the ramifications of this incident.

Back in tent city, Bunny urges his followers to relax and entrust in Mike’s plans. Speaking of the devil, Mike arrives to talk with Bunny about the latest arrangements. He assures Bunny that he is working on his master plan, but asks what he can do for him in the meantime. Bunny asks for the guards to turn away for “Five at Five”. He wants to initiate his first plan on the inside, to regain some control. Mike makes sure that the guards are all up to date on this scheme.

What happened to Kyle McLusky after the shootout?

As usual, Mike is having a rather hectic day. He meets with his brother Kyle, who has been suspended after the previous episode’s shoot-out. Kyle was suspended without pay and subsequently quit, but he still needs work. Ian urges him to be patient as the paperwork gathers momentum, yet he needs to keep busy. He asks Mike for any jobs and his brother asks him to search for Iris. Kyle may be desperate, but he refuses this one particular job regardless.

Mike continues his hunt for Iris on his own, catching up with one of Milo’s associates, Joseph. The criminal plays dumb, pretending to be unaware of Milo’s escape or Iris’ whereabouts. He’s of course working with the mobster and brings Iris back to her brothel life. She is given her own room and wages. Iris befriends another prostitute called Tatiana, who passes her some pills to calm her nerves. Iris chose to return to Milo, but seems heartbroken to be back in this old lifestyle once again. Did she think he had changed?

Next, we see Tatiana luring Mike to the club. Tatiana mentions Iris’ name and Mike comes a-running. He slips through the club and climbs the stairs, looking for Iris, but he is suddenly knocked out and beaten by Joseph. Mike suspects that Tatiana’s baby is Joseph’s, which riles the enemy up and Mike quickly pulls his usual moves to unarm his foe. He shoves the gun in Joseph’s face and orders him to pass on a message to Milo: ‘I know he’s out and I’m going to find him’.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 3 Ending – what happens to Bunny in prison?

Bunny’s plan is kicked into action and the guards all turn around as requested at 5 pm. The other leaders start to beat their enemies, asserting their dominance. Bunny watches as the leaders try to restore some order, but then Bunny himself is attacked. His friends notice and run to his aid.

Bunny defeats his attacker in brutal fashion and then exits the hut, dripping in blood. Mike arrives, with his own war wounds, after fighting Joseph. Bunny confronts Mike about his grandmother’s house raid. Mike honestly states that he didn’t know about it, but it still makes him appear weak and out of touch. Bunny makes his demands, he wants to be out of prison in 48 hours or he’ll hit Mike where it hurts, implying that his family will be in danger.

Mike orders the guards to keep Bunny safe, but the pressure is on. Mike has two days to get Bunny back out on the streets or this violent world will soon be arriving on his doorstep.

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