Will there be a Viking Wolf 2? Sequel Possibilities

February 6, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a Viking Wolf 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Viking Wolf, and will contain spoilers. 

The first Norwegian werewolf film has been a bit of a sleeper, with plenty of good reviews and a few bad ones too. With a rating of just 5.3 on IMDb at the time of writing, it seems that the gory monster movie has had a mixed reception. However, the horror genre has always managed to find an audience, and Viking Wolf certainly has its fans, so with that in mind, we were wondering if there will be a Viking Wolf 2 arriving on our screens soon.

What happened at the end of Viking Wolf?

As events in the town escalate, Thale has embarked on a violent werewolf campaign of terror. In a bloody rage, Thale makes dog food out of some poor townsfolk on the bus, sparing nobody. However, she does seem to recognize and spare her younger sister Jenny, meaning she is still alive at the end of the film’s third act.

Thale has embarked on a violent werewolf campaign of terror, seeming only to recognize and spare her younger sister Jenny. Mum Liv has a gun and a silver bullet at the ready to stop her wolf daughter in her tracks, and with Thale tranquilized, her fate looks to be sealed.

However, there is no scene of Thale being shot at the end of Viking Wolf. We see Liv at home, with the silver bullet seemingly unused. This seems to imply that Thale’s mother, Liv, may not have been able to pull the trigger, and Thale could still be alive and out in the wild somewhere.

Will there be a Viking Wolf 2?

There has been no news of a sequel to the film. However, it does seem that the production team may be holding out some hope for a sequel, as there is an ambiguous ending that leaves the story open. We see that werewolf hunter Arthur has been bitten. Has he been infected?

What could the sequel to Viking Wolf be about?

The premise for a sequel is easy to see, with Thale presumably still alive and howling out there somewhere. I also feel that Arthur may be in a position to resurface if a sequel is green-lit. There is also a high chance that Liv may have tried to save her daughter instead of killing her.

Could Liv have hidden Thale somewhere in an attempt to save, and cure her? As well as Thale, it should be noted that there were plenty of injured parties during the werewolf rampage, so there is scope for other infected people to also become wolves. With Liv already guilt-ridden, a sequel could focus on her attempts to stop the curse, and either find a cure for the lycanthropy or end the terror of the wolves forever. A final confrontation between Liv, Jenny Arthur, and Thale, who could quite possibly be the head of a wolf pack, leading to a final battle would be a suitable and epic conclusion for the sequel.

Viking Wolf 2 release date

With no official release date or even an idea that a sequel is in the works, it is hard to speculate on a timeline, but it would seem that at least a year would be allowed for filming, and with an effects-laden film, more time could be added for post-production, meaning that a sequel would not be on the table till mid to late 2024.

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  • February 6, 2023 at 9:54 pm

    Just watched it ya could tell the were gonna be a number two as she did.nt get shot at end can’t wait to watch second one hope ya do one

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