Poker Face Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Where to Watch

February 9, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We discuss predictions for the Peacock series Poker Face Season 1 Episode 7 and include the release date and where to watch online.

Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) takes a trip to the theater world this week, where she witnesses yet another murder. This intriguing story focuses on rival actors who work together on a one-night-only performance. During the opening night, a member of the audience is killed in horrific conditions, and Charlie must solve the murder. This is inventive and innovative storytelling, with lots of humor and fresh twists to keep viewers hooked. Here’s what happened in episode six of Poker Face:

  • Kathleen and Michael were once famous actors who co-starred in ‘Spooky and the Cop’ together, yet they have both fallen out of favor in recent years. Michael married Ava and her fortune, whilst Kathleen is still struggling alone. A die-hard fan wants the two actors to reconnect and stage a one-night-only performance. Michael initially refuses, but Ava convinces him to take the part.
  • Kathleen and Michael argue constantly on set and Michael continually threatens to quit.
  • It’s opening night and Kathleen is stressed, going into full-on diva mode. During rehearsals, Michael falls through the trap door and threatens to quit again. The two get into another argument.
  • During the play, they both plot to kill each other. Michael rigs the trapdoor and Kathleen loosens a stage light. The light just misses Michael’s head but causes him to have a heart attack. Ava runs onto the stage with his meds and falls through the trapdoor. Michael had removed the crash mat earlier and Ava dies.
  • It is revealed that Michael and Kathleen are having an affair and the whole rivalry was staged.
  • Rewinding to before the death, Charlie starts to work at the dinner theater as a waitress. She argues with Kathleen and witnesses the whole saga take place. Stagehand Phil blames himself for the death and quits, but Kathleen had drugged him.
  • Kathleen decides to perform the play one more time to capitalize on their new fame. Just before their sold-out show, Rebecca figures them out. She finds a script for their argument and pieces it all together. She asks for 5 million to stay silent.
  • Kathleen prepares to poison Rebecca, who is allergic to peanuts.
  • Charlie realizes that it wasn’t Phil’s fault, he did all the correct checks. She replays footage from the night and sees the dry ice drifting up through the trap door. She then finds Michael’s dry ice burns on his hand. Thinking that Kathleen was targeted, Charlie tries to warn the actress, but she is uninterested.
  • Then Charlie finds the final clue, Kathleen and Michael are in love. She warns Rebecca instead and then finds the script, the bribery, and the peanut treats. Charlie figures it all out and saves Rebecca from eating the nuts.
  • During Rebecca’s monologue, Kathleen and Michael worry they have been caught and confess to everything backstage. A walk-talkie picks this up and they are to be arrested.
  • Knowing their fate, they perform the rest of their show, using these fresh emotions to deliver a stunning finale.

Poker Face Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7 is scheduled to release on Peacock on Thursday, February 16th, 2023. Episode 7 is titled “The Future of the Sport.”

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Poker Face Season 1 Episode 7 with a subscription to Peacock on the date mentioned above.


  • There are rumored to be ten installments in the first season of Poker Face, so we are getting closer to the finale. I think the show will probably continue its usual format for the next couple of episodes, without altering Charlie’s overarching story. The next few episodes will be more of the same, singular murder mysteries confined to one location.
  • As we draw closer to the end of the season though, it seems likely that Cliff and Sterling Frost Sr. will return to the fray as they continue to search for Charlie. She cannot avoid the police or her enemies for much longer.
  • Charlie will have to formulate her own plan soon, else she will end up as dead as all the other victims she has come across on her travels.

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