All the Places Ending Explained – Do Fer and Gabo stay together?

February 15, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film All the Places, which will contain spoilers.

The new Netflix film All the Places (A Todas Partes) is about an estranged brother and sister who reunite at their father’s funeral and make a spur-of-the-moment decision to fulfill their childhood dream of driving across Mexico on their old motorbike, as per the synopsis on IMDB.

When we first meet the siblings, the brother is late to the funeral because he has to fly in, and the sister starts yelling at him. During the service, they cause a stir, but shortly after, they discuss where they’re currently at in their lives. On a whim, they go on a road trip within minutes to spend time with each other and make up for lost time.

On this journey, they discover who they truly are and understand that even though they’ve been apart for so long, they can still pick up where they left off. This is truly an adventure between brother and sister, and they learn so much about each other during this time. It’s almost as if they haven’t known each other long enough as adults, so they try to do as much as possible as they explore the countryside.

All the Places Ending Explained – Do Fer and Gabo stay together?

Do they make it back home safely?

After playing a team game of ping-pong at their final resort, they both get into trouble with their opponents as they bet on their motorbikes. They end up losing the game and the keys to their bikes. However, the sister had a spare set of keys and tried to escape with the bikes, and they only managed to get one free. They do get back safely after that whole situation, only to find out that she had left her house lights on the trip.

Does Gabo see his son?

Not only does Gabo learn about children from his sister Fer, but he attempts to connect with his son. Fer pushes him to play soccer with his son Riccardo who he hasn’t seen in a while after he left his mother. When they play soccer, they don’t mention who they are, but Gabo has a chance to see him. After saying goodbye to his sister, he heads to his son’s home and introduces himself properly.

Does Fer stay at home?

While Fer teaches Gabo more about being part of a family, Gabo wants to explore the world like her brother. She takes more chances, especially after being divorced for three years. She wants to experience a new life and goes to the airport to get a ticket, literally going anywhere. It’s lovely how both siblings took each other’s advice and started to live again.

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