Who is Ines Tazi from Perfect Match? Explained

February 20, 2023
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Who is Ines Tazi from Perfect Match? With the Dating Show Universe expanding on Netflix, we discuss another popular contestant. 

Perfect Match hit Netflix on February 14, 2023. The series follows singles from Netflix hit reality shows like The Circle, The Mole, and Selling Sunset flown down to Panama City to find their “Perfect Match.” Entrepreneur and reality star Ines Tazi is an influencer and skincare brand owner. Below we share all the details of getting to know who Ines Tazi is.

Who is Ines Tazi from Perfect Match on Netflix?

Ines Tazi is an entrepreneur and reality star living between London and Los Angeles. She moved to London in 2014 to study World History, Development Studies, and the ICC Foundation Program at the University of London.

She worked from place to place until, in 2018, she was named associate founder of Skult, a skincare company based in London. Since then, her stardom has ticked up with several appearances on reality TV programs.

Is Ines Tazi from The Circle: France?

Yes, Ines Tazi was on the reality show, The Circle: France. Like the US version of the show, she competed in the series where you are isolated from the other players and can only communicate via a social media platform called ‘The Circle.’ The winner of the show walks away with $100,000.

While on the show, Ines played the game by catfishing everyone by saying she was single while in a relationship. Of course, this is uncommon as everyone in the game can choose who they want to be.

What is Ines Tazi’s age and birthday?

Ines Tazi is 25 years old at the time of writing this article. Her birthday is August 17, 1997.

What nationality is Ines Tazi, and where is she from?

Ines is French and was born in Paris. Her father is a Moroccan Muslim, and her mother is French Catholic.

Is Ines Tazi on TikTok and Instagram?

You can follow Ines Tazi on TikTok @taziines1 and Instagram @taziines. She isn’t as active on TikTok as she has just under 10 thousand followers (at the time of writing this). Still, she has over 137 thousand followers on Instagram. You can find her posting pictures of modeling, her recent appearances on reality tv shows, and promoting her skincare brand, Skult Ltd.

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